GBM Shortcut: Pinch and Zoom with Lenovo X200T Tablet PC

Well color me confused, embarrassed, and a bunch of other things.   Upon receiving the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC, I tried some pinch and zoom to see if that worked. I guess I didn’t try enough. As our good friend, James Kendrick discovered you can do some pinch and zoom with the two fingered touch on the device.

In this GBM Shortcut I show off pinch and zoom in Firefox, Word 2010 and OneNote 2010. Enjoy.

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Make sure you check out the GBM InkShow on the Lenovo X200T Tablet PC.


  1. Other than a gimmick is it actually usefull for anything? It seems to be very hit and miss and inacurate.

  2. @John,

    There is one good use of this in my scenario. In Google Reader it allows me to get more info on the page, actually making the screen appear that it is a higher resolution than it really is. I’m sure other apps might give you this as well.

    Two finger touch is actually what Lenovo calls the version on the X200t. I’m just ignoring the fact that you didn’t pay attention.

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