Gateway EC18T Tablet PC leaked

GatewayEC18TGiven the absolute flood of photos received by Engadget, “leak” may seem too weak of a term here, but the deluge of images comes with few details, so I think “leak” is appropriate.

Anyway, the Tablet PC leaked to Engadget by an anonymous tipster supposedly sports an 11.6″ screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and Mobile Intel GS45 Express graphics chipset. Both Windows 7 Home Premium and Basic are mentioned as options. The photos reveal a number of ports, including the usual USB and VGA ports, but also what I believe is an HDMI port.

GatewayEC18TgarageOne thing that caught my eye is the pen garage built into the bevel of the screen, rather than in the main chassis. It appears to be a slide lock system, rather than a spring-loaded one, but I can’t say for certain based on the photos. There also appears to be a color option, though only for the top portion of the main chassis. Hope to see concrete details about this one soon.

Photos courtesy Engadget with a lot more there.

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  1. Looking at the chipset, I have to wonder which of their previous models this is intended to replace. They had the C-120 which was a more portable, lower power machine and the C-140 which was a beefier, higher power machine. I’m thinking that this will be more along the lines of the C-120 which is a bit of a heartbreaker, since I was a big fan of the C-140 and was about to purchase one myself when they pulled the plug on it.

    IMO the tablet market has enough high mobility devices to make do, but only a few full power machines. I know a lot of college students and others who really wanted 1 machine but also wanted a tablet were fans of the C-140 because it was just about the only one available with a full-fledged C2D and also had discrete graphics. To me, this machine would just sort of fade into the mix.

  2. Agreed. I want the abilty to run AutoCAD. Screen size, Power and descrete graphics are a must. The C-140 could (should) be improved upon, but I do not think there is any competitor currently available.

  3. @ChrisRS

    The T5010 that I have performs reasonably well, although I have not used AutoCAD with it. The X4500 chipset gets benchmark scores similar to the Radeon 2400HD if I’m not mistaken, and obviously the T5010 has the other advantages of the Montevina chipset (ie DDR3). But yes, no competitor offers discrete graphics in a tablet currently.

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