Steve Jobs Comes Out of the (Water) Closet

pctoiletWhen it comes to the elusive, flopping Tablet, the naysayers always point back to two points: handwriting recognition and how to market a device to a population the size of the world that spends eternities taking notes. Well, there actually is another issue, and it got highlighted in the recent New York Times article that kicked this up a notch. Here’s the quote:

Another former Apple executive who was there at the time said the tablets kept getting shelved at Apple because Mr. Jobs, whose incisive critiques are often memorable, asked, in essence, what they were good for besides surfing the Web in the bathroom.

Even though it is a negative characterization, it flushes out the real reason why everyone is (still) having a hard time trying to figure out how to market a Tablet. Folks are just afraid to admit that there is a Stall Surfing market out there and market it to it. I guess technology and toilets just don’t go together.


  1. If Steve Jobs wore a sport jacket (or carried a purse) he’d understand the value of a small slate computer that is bigger than a pants pocket. He’ll come around – it would make a real splash if he walked onto the stage wearing a sport jacket to introduce a tablet-like device.

  2. First time I heard the kids talking about stall surfing,
    I thought no one really actually did that, –until
    I read an article on how “unsanitary” people’s smart phones
    were. The conclusion was the most common bateria could only
    be found in one place…

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