Apple Greets Windows 7 with New Ad

You knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen this quick. Apple has unveiled a new ad, welcoming Windows 7 into the fray in its usual style.

Don’t you just want PC Guy to say, so tell me about that Snow Leopard bug that erases all of a user’s data when they log in with a Guest Account. How’s that going for ya?


  1. I’m pretty done with Mac at this point. The quality control isn’t what it used to be, and -to be honest- with ads like these I don’t really want to be associated with the company.

  2. Actually, I want PC Guy to turn to Mac Guy and say, “Speaking of history lessons, remember that time we saved you from financial bankruptcy and agreed to continued developing Office for Mac?”

    Maybe that’s why the 3.86% of Mac users [globally] are so bitter towards Microsoft.

  3. Or how about if he said, “Tell me again why so many of your users continue to run Windows in your own boot camp…”

  4. @GT2L: I hope you don’t seriously believe that myth about Microsoft saving Apple from bankruptcy. At the time, Apple needed strong productivity and web browsing applications, and Microsoft was beating (pummeling, really) their competition in those areas. Apple allied themselves with the market leader, and they let them get a piece of the action to seal the deal. If it was just about money, Jobs the Billionaire could have bought that $150M in shares himself. Yes, Microsoft did save Apple from failure, but it was in the applications market, not the financial one.

  5. I found these adds somewhat funny because I know most of the time it’s either not true or way exagerated. However, I too think it would be better if we could get good adds putting the emphasis on the good thing of MAC and not the bad things of Microsoft.

  6. These ads were kind of funny at first, but now it just serves to shove Apple higher up on the snob scale.

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