Dell Latitude XT Touch Drivers Held Hostage: Day 6

robhostageYes, another day goes by, and Rob and other Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC users are still without Windows 7 drivers. We’re not just talking touch drivers here, we’re talking any Windows 7 drivers. We’re also hearing that we may have to start a watch for the HP TX Convertible Tablet PCs as well.


  1. That’s very unfortunate. I have two Dell machines (one desktop and one laptop) that I could not get Windows 7 drivers for. I used and found both drivers that I needed. They have a special Windows 7 section and I was able to then search that section for the needed drivers. I have to say, it worked quite well. One of the missing drivers in my case was for the touchpad of the laptop. I could not side scroll or vertically scroll without that driver. Hopefully this site could help you too.

  2. According to the movie “the Secret”, we, the users of latitude xt, need to visualize, how it would be to actually have those drivers.

    After that we will have them.. Sounds easy, huh? :)

  3. I downloaded the xt software off the ntrig site and it got the multi-touch going at least. The previous version of Quickset gave me the tablet button s functionality, so I’m doing not bad. I moved from Vista Business to 7 home pro, so no upgrade possible, only full re-install.

    Only problem now is inking as basically I’m stuck in ‘Dual’ touch mode, so if you put your hand on the screen before the tip of the pen you get some surprises. Have to put the pen down first, so I miss the “auto” mode of pen/touch input.

    Now can someone tell me how to get the windows multi-touch pack? Lots of places talk about it and have videos, but the download is nowhere to be found.

  4. @Gus, I sincerely doubt that the DigitalRiver download troubles have anything to do with driver issues. I had trouble too. If you want, you can read my said story in the Win 7 forum.

  5. I’m using an HP tx2000 and I seem to be making due with the vista drivers. However, I’m experiencing the occasional slowdown when using msn messenger and firefox and some other apps. And the fingerprint reader functionality is sometimes hit and miss.

    I still find myself checking the HP download page on the daily.

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