Fujitsu Releases Windows 7 Drivers for Some Not All

Fujitsu has released Windows 7 drivers for some, but not all of its machines. Notably absent at the moment are the P1610 and P1620 Tablet PCs. Here’s hoping they will be released soon. We don’t want to start a Windows 7 Driver Held Hostage count on Fujitsu if we can help it.

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  1. We really need to start a Held Hostage count on HP’s Multitouch enabled TX2000z tablet… the only multitouch drivers available for Win 7 -64bit is a half funtional n-trig beta from many months ago.

  2. I checked and the T2010 does not have any updates, but to be fair I find it rock solid with the Windows 7 RC still on it and some Vista drivers. I am not sure I would install them if they were available.

  3. Don’t mistake me.. I’m running the RTM version of Win7 for many months now on my TX2000z and it generally works find but the “double tap the screen” to switch mode between pen and touch is a “no show” with the beta drivers and I would like to have it… as it sits now I disable touch and only use the pen because random contact keeps screwing up my notes

  4. @Andrew
    Bit confused here: The TX2000z uses a Wacom digitizer and isn’t multi-touch, iirc. It has a dual-touch setup between a resistive passive digitizer and an active Wacom digitizer, but afaik neither of those support multiple contact points and neither is made by N-Trig.

  5. OK… you have me… My model is actually a TX2z which is Multitouch per HP’s web site and when I updated my search for TX2z the win7 drivers were there… I’m so embarrassed

  6. Bummer… downloaded all the new drivers for the HP TX2z tablet but no updated n-trig drivers so double tap to enable/disable touch still does not work which means touch has to be turned off when carrying in slate mode because random bumps end up writing all over screen.

  7. @Andrew
    I don’t know which version of the NTrig digitizer you have right now, but I do know that there’s a few months old version (essentially a beta version) on NTrig’s site for Windows 7 RC. It should work in regular Win 7, but Rob and others using the Dell version from this site report it being buggy, but it may have the functionality that you want (or it might just be the exact same one you have).

    Link is

  8. Actually I am not sure they need to release a lot for the P1610 as most Windows 7 drivers for it are already available through Window Update.
    The digitizer, auto-rotation and fingerprint reader have all been working from day one.
    The rest seems to be working fine with Vista drivers: OSD, Fn buttons, accelerometer.
    The only thing I am missing compared to XP is the ability to use the fingerprint reader to scroll up and down.

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