Dell Studio 17 offers multi-touch option… somewhere

Dell17MultiTouch-smallWord out of Electronista is that Dell snuck in a multi-touch screen option for their Studio 17 entertainment laptop. That’s on top of a bevy of powerful options, including an Intel i7 quad core processor, 8GB of memory, 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650, Blu-Ray drive, and 85 Whr battery. Sounds like a heck of a machine. If only I could figure out how to add that multi-touch option to the mix. Per the product description:

Multi-touch Display

Navigation made easy. The new, optional multi-touch display is a more natural way to interact with your laptop. Use motion-based interactions like grab, pinch, span, flick, zoom or rotate instead of just clicking. Plus, two or more people can interact at the same time, since the Studio 17 multi-touch solution supports a total of 4 fingers down. (Only available in Black Chainlink with red u-trim design as shown.)

Presumably it’s an N-Trig digitizer (Dell, 4 finger support), but I’m not sure. I’ve gone through all the options on the models they offer and cannot find that Black Chainlink with red u-trim design. I can find the black chainlink but not with the red trim. Can’t find an option for the multi-touch with just the black chainlink either. I could be missing it, or perhaps they just haven’t activated the option yet. Either way, it’s a bit frustrating to see that multi-touch option splashed in the product description and have no obvious way to get it. If you can find it let me know.

Via Gizmodo

Update: Direct2Dell confirms the digitizer is the N-Trig DuoSense (presumably without support for the electrostatic pen but that does not affect support for their battery-powered pen), and they’ve provided a link to Dell’s line of touch-enabled PCs so you can spec one out.

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