Need a nook for the holidays? Shoulda pre-ordered

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nook_item_added_photoHere I was thinking a major advantage of the nook, the not-yet released eReader from Barnes & Noble, was going to be the ability to try it out in their bookstores before buying. That may not be as important as I thought since one month into pre-orders, it’s already too late to expect to receive a nook in time for Christmas.

Expected ship date for pre-orders is now January 4th. Possibly they’re hedging their bets and trying to avoid any gift-giving disappointment, but having worked for a catalog and online retailer, I know this is too early to cut off Christmas buyers unless there’s good reason. Of course, we’ll probably see half those pre-sold nooks on eBay, so you prospective gift-givers aren’t out of luck yet (though you’ll undoubtedly be out more than a few additional bucks).

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