MobileNoter Releases New Edition with WiFi Syncing

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MobileNoter is the app that allows you to sync your OneNote files to an iPhone and also create some quick notes on your iPhone for syncing back to OneNote. The previous edition has focused on a cloud based solution meaning your files synced up to MobileNoter’s cloud and then back up and down to your devices.

MobileNoter has announced a new edition that allows WiFi syncing with your notes directly with your laptop or Tablet PC and a new pricing structure as well. Essentially the new version allows you to avoid the cloud and sync via WiFi directly with your computer. Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee ($1.25) to use the cloud version, you pay a one time fee for the web sync client that goes on your computer and you are off and running. The one time fee is $15.

MobileNoter hasn’t done away with the cloud version, both are available. The iPhone apps for both versions are free.


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  1. C-141XLer

    12/30/2009 at 2:37 am

    Anybody using this? I would like to know how well it can sync with Onenote.

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