CES 2010: Random sights from the Dell suites

Dell has a great spread for CES. Took a tour before their big unveiling. Got my hands on their Mini 3 smartphone running Dell Android and grafitti’d an all-in-one. And there was indeed a slate tablet unveiled. Fair warning: more showy than the previous one but about as substantive.


Alleged Apple fanboi, accused Android apologist, and confirmed Microsoft MVP for touch and tablet Mark Sumimoto a.k.a. Sumocat dabbles in all areas of mobile computing with a focus on Windows-based Tablet PCs and pen input. A mobile computing enthusiast since 2004, he pioneered the field of ink blogging via his personal blog, Sumocat's Scribbles. His current tools include a Fujitsu Lifebook T900, TEGA v2, and iPhone 4. Email: sumocat [at] notebooks.com


  1. Sumo: I realize that there is a time and a place for everything, but if you encounter any Dell “big wigs” at the show, I think you ought to at least mention the community’s disappointment with support for the XT, N-trig issues, and the STILL UNFULFILLED promise of Win7 drivers for tyhe XT.

    Be diplomatic, of course, but these guys should be reminded that we aren’t letting them off the hook…

  2. Steve: I did ask someone pre-show about the XT2, but that’s business class and this is consumer, so it wasn’t shown and these aren’t the guys to discuss it. And I was referring to the other slate “announcement” not that Dell had a slate. Sorry, quick post, rough morning.

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