The iPad Has No Flash???

Steve Jobs just unveiled the iPad and Engadget posted this picture live from the event in San Francisco. The image shows a big fat missing Flash object on the home page of the NY Times. Jobs said “You can browse the web with it. It’s the best web experience you’ve ever had.”

I strongly disagree and think that browsing the web without Flash is far from the best web experience. If you’re an iPhone user you’re well aware of the limitations you face when trying to load sites that run flash.

It’s bad enough that the iPad doesn’t run flash, but why the heck would Jobs demo the “feature” on stage? apple-creation-0128-rm-eng


  1. If it was supposed to work… somebody is soooooo getting fired for it not working. If it doesn’t work, it’s pathetic.

  2. If they left out Flash they probably left out Java too. Apple had to stop some of its advertising claims about the iPhone providing a full Web experience because of that.

  3. If the Ipad won’t run Flash, Apple could be applying pressure to Adobe to improve Flash or the web community not to use it. Either of which could be a good thing.
    Or maybe someone just lost their job…

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