The iPad Looks Familiar…

Several months ago I took a look at a slate from Hanvon at IDF. It sure looks a lot like what Steve Jobs is showing off today. Obviously it’s not exactly the same thing, but close.


  1. What is the model number of this Hanvon Slate?

    Is it possible that Apple approached Hanvon and bought out
    the design of this Slate from Hanvon?

    Will Hanvon bring this Slate out to market?

    Regards Robert

  2. Other than the shiny front/chrome edge, they’re not too similar at all. The Hanvon is an actual computer (not a glorified smartphone). It has a widescreen (like every other device made in the past 5 years). It has expandability (SD & USB). It appears to have a webcam.
    Did I mention, the Hanvon is an actual computer?

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