Multi-touch Wacom Cintiq spotted

MultiTouchCintiqAt SolidWorks World 2010, the convention for 3D CAD software company SolidWorks, a prototype Wacom Cintiq 21UX was spotted enabling multi-touch control in a software demo (around the 1:50 mark in the video – after the jump).

3D CAD blog SolidSmack has confirmed it is a Wacom prototype, not a mod, tentatively scheduled for release this summer. Would be quite exciting if the Cintiq wasn’t already well above my price range at $1999. I can’t imagine there’d be a price drop for a multi-touch version.

Via Engadget


  1. Shogmaster: I thought possibly I just missed it, but I can’t dig up any mention of a multi-touch Cintiq at CES. Doesn’t look like anyone reported on it.

  2. I didn’t bother because it was the same unit they’ve been showing off for several years! :D

    Trust me, it was there. It was doing that “up to thousands” of contact points multi touch demos.

  3. I’ve seen it at multiple tradeshows. At least the software demos are getting better.

    Wacom has been showing it as a technology prototype, but it is interesting to see a CAD software company promoting it – this means it is probably closer to becoming an actual Wacom product.

    Performance-wise, think of a highly-sensitive (based on projected capacitive) and fast version of the Microsoft Surface experience, but in an LCD monitor that is bigger than a laptop display. Would be cool to see it in a desktop monitor or all-in-one. Watch out, NextWindow and 3M!

  4. A lot us out here have been waiting for this! Wacom, some more money on its way if you can finally release this…

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