Hanvon Tablets Look Intriguing for Inkers

Yesterday we mentioned the great CeBit coverage from jkkmobile and Netbooknews.com. In checking out some of the videos from the show, this one from jkkmobile featuring the Hanvon Tablets caught my eye, because it is the first new wave Tablet I’ve heard about that might have a digitizer/stylus option for Inking.

Hanvon is debuting two models the Hanvon BC10C and the BA10E. The BA10E is the one with an Inking option. Give the video a look see to check them out. I’m looking forward to hearing more of what jkk has to say when he has time to do some Inking on this device.


  1. Wow, the active digitizer model with multi-touch sounds perfect! $600 to $700 estimate? HP, have you seen this????


  2. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for someone to do a cheap inking tablet, I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

    But yeah, it doesn’t seem that hard for me, I don’t get why nobody has done it yet.

    I’m hoping it’s the PineTrail Atom with an Ion2, but I feel like that might be hoping for too much, ink + those internals. :p

    • Just saw that the spec sheet is posted at JKKmobile too:


      Unfortunately, looks to be the much older Z530 with Intel GMA500 (aka very weak graphics), and a 1024×600 display.

      Still interested, but with all that being the case I’d hope it’s closer to $500 than $600.

      Also interesting is that it’s a 120GB HDD. I wonder if there will be any SSD option, because I’d rather have a 32GB SSD than a 120GB HDD, especially on something I’d be using while not always sitting still.

  3. The form factor looks even better than the Motion LS800, but it is not clear that it would be any faster than the LS800, which came out in 2005. And the LS800 had a pen and full docking support, and is usable as a main computer, even today.

    A lot depends on the price and the battery life. If it is cheap and batteries run long enough I’d buy one for demos – the LS800 is looking a bit clunky even though it is the only computer I’ve seen that got the use case right.

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