Are You Pre-Ordering an iPad Today?

In our recent poll asking where you plan to spend your Tablet allowance only 16% of those responding said they were purchasing an iPad. So, in just a few minutes (8:30EST) the floodgates open and Apple begins taking pre-orders. If you’re in that 16% are you pre-ordering today? Let us know in the poll below.

If you are pre-ordering tell us which version you are ordering.


  1. I’m more intrigued by the HP Slate. What I’m looking for is a “yellow pad” replacement. The kind of device I can grab and take to a meeting – jot notes, do a quick search, check a file, etc. and then download back to my PC or network easily. The media functions (videos, books, etc) will just be gravy. I doubt you’ll be able to do that with an iPad anytime soon, if ever. Mr. Jobs’ hatred of all things Newton makes it clear that handwriting recognition will be very low on the priority list. For heaven’s sake, look how long it took for us to get cut/copy/paste on the iPhone.

  2. If Apple had made the iPad available last month or weeks after the announcement, I think they would have sold more iPad’s. Now I’m going to wait..

  3. As a developer, I wanted to get one to learn on. I’m wondering if the 3G one (which I ordered) is going to be delayed, or if everything is shipping on April 3rd?

  4. 3G will ship later.

    I pre-ordered. Even w/o an ereader I already have 2GB of PDF books. I’m going blind trying to watch technical videos from iTunes U on an iPod Touch.

    I also like trying new interfaces and have been playing around with the iPhone SDK.

    I do wish it had a camera on the back but the lack of a camera can be a good thing for a device used for occasional bathroom reading. ;-)

  5. I’m in.

    My birthday is April 3rd, so it was Karma and just had to be done ya know? :-)

    And who says I have to know WHY? My wife always asks that question for some reason. Never have understood the question to be honest …

    I just DID it! The Technolust force is strong in this one.

  6. Yes, preordered first thing. Been on the fence until last minute – one more thing to carry. This is my 6th tablet, first slate all others convertibles – We use a couple 2 finger multi touch Lenovo X200T’s and a single finger older Lenovo X200, plus Other older ones at my business.

    I got a 32gb WI FI only (don’t want 3G, and not having GPS is OK for my needs), Skyhook will work most places anyway. Plan to use with Verizon MIFI. I enjoy my ipod and don’t use the Lenovo multi-touch as much as I thought. IPAD mostly for entertainment and a real responsive multi touch. Easier in the lap and reading/surfing

    Figure there will be some options with pogo etc for some note taking with Brinklin’s app or others mentioned

  7. Ordered the 64G Wi-Fi first thing.

    I’ve had three generations of Tablets (current Lenovo x200t) and use OneNote daily for notes and meetings. Wanted something more casual in-between for home use. Also, interface on Windows is fine with pen but touch I find is just balky still. iPhone 3GS showed the way it should be done from the ground up.

  8. Didn’t do it. I suppose being employed in the education field where budgets are tight, put a hold on any discretionary spending. Who knows where I will be next fiscal year.

    Besides, I would rather have something with a stylus. Or, better yet, a dual mode display, where I could use a finger or a pen, depending on the situation.

    I’m going to wait for a while to see what else pops into existence in the next few months. In the meantime, I have a nice LE1600 which works well. It may not have the battery life of the iPad, but it will do for now.

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