GBM InkShow: Unboxing the iPad

OK, after a quick conversation with the UPS driver, I got down to the obligatory¬† unboxing the iPad and here’s the video for your perusal. As you can see there’s not much in the box beyond the iPad, the charger and sync cable. I’m in the process now of syncing things up and will have more shortly.

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  1. Good to see a grown man excited like a kid at Xmas! Enjoy that sucker Warner and think of us Brits still waiting for prices and release date.

  2. Hey guys,

    Commenting from the Apple Store in Reston. Keyboard takes some practice. Working about as well for me with two hands in landscape as two thumbs In portrait. Feels pretty good in hand. A bit too wide though. Needs a split thumb board.

  3. LOL. You did the same thing as your wife in trying to open up the Macbook with the logo facing towards you. :D

    (I noticed that my ThinkPad does it differently in having the “logo” facing towards where it opens.)

  4. From watching the video, the iPad needed to be to plugged into the computer, to get it going. There’s alot of talk of the iPad being the only computer, regular folks would need. But without a computer available to get the iPad started, then regular folks would still have get a computer in addition to the iPad.

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