ASUS Eee PC T101MT on sale in US

The wait is over in the US on ASUS’s tablet PC, the Eee PC T101MT.  If you cast your eyes in the direction of  Amazon, 10.1-inch multitouch convertible netbook is available for purchase for the low price of $499.  What does $499 get you? The netbook includes a Intel Atom N450 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard-drive.  The big selling feature is the multitouch-capable 1024 x 600 resistive touchscreen.

The only other deterrent, other than the price tag, is that the version of Windows loaded onto the T101MT is Windows 7 Starter Edition.  As we all know, that edition doesnt do much of what users want now a days, so if you are going to buy this netbook, be ready to tack on a operating system upgrade to the $499 price.

Is the ASUS Eee PC T101MT a good buy?  Well, for $499, there are other netbook options, as well as the all mighty iPad, so stop and consider what you really need before buying a netbook.  ASUS creates solid hard working machines, but this time, I think the price may be this netbook’s downfall.

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  1. Amy,

    There is a higher end version of this being sold in Europe with Win 7 Home Premium and 2 GB of RAM. Is it being sold anywhere in the US?


  2. I wonder how difficult it would be to downgrade it back to Windows XP Tablet?

    I would bet it would run alot faster/better

    • Probably not. First of all, the multi-touch touch screen drivers for this hardware don’t exist for XP, AFAIK. Second, why? Windows 7 is on par w/ XP for performance. Just search for “windows 7 vs. xp performance” and you’ll find a few sites that have done this testing. XP starts faster by a few seconds, but most of the system benchmarks run faster in 7 – and that’s with Aero turned on. Turn off Aero and I think all of the performance benchmarks are better in 7. I’m currently running 7 on my Eee PC 1005HA. It’s great! Especially since I’m using hibernate. Just shut the lid and it hibernates in a few seconds. Open the lid and press the power button and it’s in Windows in about 10 seconds.

      • Will Windows 7 run older XP programs?

        Vista will not run half of our XP programs nor our color laser printer/plotter

  3. I’m waiting for someone to review this who actually understands what inking and palm rejection is. The only people to review this so far, and the T91MT, have been teenagers that wouldn’t know how to write even if you shoved a pen in their eye.

    • John said:
      >> …have been teenagers that wouldn’t know how to write >>even if you shoved a pen in their eye….

      Once the pen is shoved on the eye, will they still be able to see to text? LOL

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