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  1. turn.self.off

    funny that claim about the apple logo. iirc there have been indications that people recognize the logo, but do not know what company name it belongs to…

  2. tabletenvy

    They’ll never shake the “Death Star” image attached to their logo.

    Score one for Berkeley Breathed and Bloom County.

  3. Fred

    They should improve their network, because pretty soon the logo will bring bad memories to peoples minds.

  4. GoodThings2Life

    AT&T has been, is, and will forever be a lousy company with lousy interest in consumers. I remember when they were forcefully broken up over it. They haven’t improved.

  5. Rusched

    When I read that excerpt it sounds to me more like they will just be losing the rollover minute advertisements, not the rollover minutes themselves. Still too bad, I like those spots with the the kids not wanting to use the “old” minutes.

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