Go incognito with a DIY iPad booksafe case

Ben at Carrypad has designed an outstanding DIY project for security-minded iPad owners to try: a case made from a book. Yes, we’ve all seen DIY booksafes before, but usually for hiding stuff in a bookshelf, not for hiding gadgets in plain sight.

The hiding-in-plain-sight angle and the thought he’s put into the fit makes this an intriguing project for me. I especially like the “bookmark” he included for easy iPad removal. Though the process is pretty straightforward, he’s put together a how-to guide for our convenience.

Couple other ideas I had for this include a magnetic latch via magnets mounted in the corners, carving out a garage for a stylus, and separating the pages from the spine (they’re all glued to the back cover) to allow the front cover to fold back and under to prop it up at an angle. The basic design leaves a lot of room for customization. I wouldn’t be surprised if a fad forms out of it.


  1. Darren says

    “carving out a garage for a stylus”?
    Haven’t you heard? If you see a stylus, they blew it! :P

  2. ChrisRS says

    Interestibng idea.
    If used inside the carrier for long periods, is heat build up an issue?
    If the book is thick enough, I would glue up about a dozen pages to the cover to add extra protection to the screen. Paper is fiberous and somewhat abbrasive. A felt or fabric/microfiber lining would protect the iPad.

  3. Brett Gilbertson says

    Classic idea. Yeah, I do think it needs a latch or some magnets to hold the cover closed, and a fold back cover would be handy… Think I might give this a try…

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