This is why Steve Jobs loves me

As you know, Warner invited a bunch of folks over to his theater to check out the iPad. What you may not know is an invite was extended to the great one himself, Steve Jobs. His response?

I already have an iPad.

Sent from my iPad

So no, he wasn’t there, but as Josh Smith reminded me this morning, it’s probably good that he didn’t show up because I kind of took a dump on something he said earlier. Josh and I imagine his reaction would have been something like this…

This is why Steve Jobs loves me. Thanks Josh!

(BTW, that’s a Dagi stylus in red, using either SketchNotes or PadNotes.)


  1. Nameless says

    That would make for a great image macro!

    However, I’m rather surprised that you’re not wearing some sort of glove that still keeps the thumb, index finger, and possibly middle finger exposed to get around the lack of palm rejection.

    • Sumocat says

      I expect that to be an issue once I upgrade to a touch-enabled tablet, but for a few minutes of play, I can get by thanks to hours of practice using dry erase markers on a slate whiteboard.

  2. Osiris says

    how does the stylus referenced in the article actually work on the ipad – as in does it work half descently?

    • Sumocat says

      Stylus worked fine, but the line tracking is horrible. Based on the mixed line quality, I suspect the apps are not up to the challenge. If I were to give this a real test, I’d spring for a premium app like Sketchbook Pro (and a SmudgeGuard glove).

      • Nameless says

        SmudgeGuard! That was the name of the particular glove I was trying to remember! Saw it a long time ago, remembered the shape, forgot the name.

        It wasn’t developed for the iPad per se, but if it insulates the covered-up parts, this’ll be the workaround I’ve been looking for. (Even if I don’t plan on getting an iPad, keeping skin oil off Tablet PC screens is reason enough.)

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