Hector Gomez Checks out Inking on the iPad with School Notes Pro

Sumocat mentioned the Ink note taking app for the iPad, Penultimate in a post this morning. Following that good friend Hector Gomez popped us an email with a link to a YouTube video of his testing out School Notes Pro, yet another Inking app for the iPad. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


  1. So, Sumocat are you closer in getting your iPad? Yeah I have been liking the functionality of Notes Pro as well. I am keeping a eye on Penultimate, and maybe Warner will give it a try before me and see how well it can work for everyday inking or at least some inking.

  2. It’s like OneNote, but built for the iPad…I’ve gotta try this when the time comes.

    Now imagine if MobileNoter was like this on the iPad, since that uses OneNote notebooks to start with…(unless they updated it and I didn’t notice!)

  3. Nobody is really talking about the pens too much. Do you like the Dagi or the Pogo better? I have the Pogo (but still waiting on my 3G iPad)…seems very “fat” on the tip. Is the Dagi more accurate/fine?

    • I like the Dagi stylus because it feels more like a pen, but like the Pogo foam tip. I do have the BoxWave screen protector on my iPad. To me the Dagi works better because the tip is more solid vs the Pogo tip. I think it depends on some apps the Pogo might work better. With Pogo I have press down with more pressure to ink and sometimes it kind of leaves blanks in the word you are inking. If I get a chance maybe I can do a quick video and show the difference on the iPad. I did do one with the Lenovo S10-3T and also got better results with the Dagi stylus.

  4. Hey has anyone at GTM check out mysmartnote?
    Their latest revision has a palm rejection area that follows your hand.

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