Amazon Kindle comes to Target

It looks like Amazon is hoping on the same bandwagon as the Sony e-readers and the Barnes and Noble nook.  They are looking to bring their e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, to a brick and mortar retailer.  And who did they choose?  Target!

Target has announced that it will begin to carry the Amazon Kindle this Sunday. The device will be available in the flagship Minneapolis store and 102 South Florida stores.  If this is successful, then Target will be rolling the Kindle to the rest of their stores nationwide.

This is a great way for people who have heard about the Kindle to get a hands-on with the device.  Usually, the only way this can happen is if a friend or associate has ordered one and will let you play with it.  Now, for people near a mega mall with a Target and a Best Buy, they can sample all of the top e-reading devices, the Sonys, the nook, the iPad and now the Kindle.

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