Joby GorillaPod as an iPad Stand

Filed in the category of “I wish I’d thought of that”, comes this post from Wired’s Gadget Lab, showing how to use the flexible GorillaPod as an iPad stand. I’ve got one of those little creations from Joby, but haven’t pulled it out in awhile. I think it is going in my gear bag today. Sometimes common sense just escapes me.


  1. Chris Davies says

    Gah, now I feel really dumb. Have a GorillaPod myself, and it’s sat doing nothing in a drawer. Sometimes really obvious things are right in front of us, and we’re too blind to see them!

  2. Gary says

    I just bought a Griffin Loop for mine…those are pretty slick also (not that you have one of those sitting in your drawer or anything)…

  3. Mike says

    Might be cool if they used an industry standard like a tripod screw-mount on a lot of these little lightweight tablets.

    • Sumocat says

      The problem with that is placement since most tablets switch between portrait and landscape orientation. My preference would be a universal mount, like the GorillaMobile suction cup I just bought.

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