Pegatron MasterPad aims to be the mother of all Windows 7 slates

Hmm… I may have been hasty in questioning the vapor status of the ExoPC. While the availability of that particular device remains vague, its basic hardware appears to be that of Pegatron’s MasterPad, a prototype from the OEM arm of ASUS.

The MasterPad hardware is nearly identical to what is reported on the ExoPC Slate, including 11.6″ 1366 x 768 display (except reported as offering IPS for wide-angle viewing), Intel Atom N450, 2GB memory, option of 32GB or 64GB SSD, two USB 2.0 ports, Mini-HDMI, 1.3 MP webcam, accelerometer, light sensor, 5-hour battery, and more. Seems clear Pegatron will be supplying the hardware for the ExoPC Slate and presumably other rebranded slates running Windows 7, not to mention the name indicates it’s a “master” copy for the rebrands to follow. Once the MasterPad moves into production, expected in “the coming months”, we’ll likely see a whole lot of 11.6″ touchscreen slates from various parties pop up.

From Israeli site via Engadget


    • Hmm… I see a discussion gauging interest in a pre-order. That doesn’t assuage my concerns. I should point out, however, I have seen projects as or more promising fall apart without such a long delay between announcement and release. That said, I suppose I should be more lenient this year given how the iPad has forced everyone to re-strategize (and renewed interest in tablets). I’ll try to be more optimistic going forward.

      • Can’t help but think Sumo’s last sentence is dripping w/ the sweet nectar of sarcasm.

        If even half of the advertised tablets are released, we should have a great selection this time next year. I have a little bit of hope, but not much that will happen.

  1. The real issue around the Pegatron slates is the vaporware of what these ‘startup ‘ companies are about . People see a market , target it and think that they can compete with the big boys.

    I have purchased 2 EXOPC’s in December . I think it is a great machine. BUT ! The service is really really lack. The forum is run by moderators who don’t work for EXO but are simply just a a bunch of fanboys. Exopc has described itself as a software company . And give that it is the EXOlayer is not even in version 1.0 . But they continue to market this slate around the place showing off it’s ‘alpha’ tested layer. All in all it is just a Pegatron slate purchased from the OEM ASUS arm. The number of times that this thing has got delayed give me the impression of incompetence. Plus this incompetence is demonstrated by the Non -existent version 1 of the 1.0 . There was a touch screen issue in Nov/Dec…which they poured all of their resources into … My advice to anybody considering to purchase from this company or others like it are – DON’T

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