NFL Considering Chip Technology to Determine Touchdowns?

The NFL season is just around the corner here in the US as training camps open up around the country and speculation on Brett Favre becomes an annual rite of passage. (At least in Minnesota.) Meanwhile a report from Reuters Canada says that the NFL is considering inserting a chip into the pigskin to determine whether or not a ball crosses the goal line or a player makes a first down.

Of course this isn’t going to happen this season, but it is interesting speculation, and the NFL isn’t really talking. But I would imagine that this will happen at some point in the future.

Via Switched


  1. Ohhh.. think of the improved stats you could compile with an imbedded chip in the ball. Velocity of a pass. Height of a punt. A stat nerd’s dream!


  2. Follow NASCAR’s lead. There’s an elegance to keeping technology out of the game. However, NASCAR has been the sport that has embraced technology more than any other major American competitive league (maybe’s it’s because they already had cars, a significant piece of technology). Electronic timing and positioning revolutionized the sport. More over, any move that takes the results of games out of the hands of the officials and puts them back onto the efforts of the players on the field is the right move.

  3. just turn the whole field into a pressure sensitive touch field and you could know where everything is.

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