Win a Free Copy of WritePad for the iPad

The good folks at PhatWare behind the App, WritePad for the iPad, were kind enough to send me a promotional code to get a free version of the App. I already own it, so they’ve granted permission for me to give it away. So, hey, I’m giving it away.WritePad for the iPad runs $9.99 if you purchase it.

I only have one promotional code, so there’s only one winner. Here’s the deal and the contest. Leave a quick comment to this post and tell us what you’ll be doing with WritePad on your iPad. The contest runs from now until 12noon PDT on Wednesday. I’ll pick an winner at random from the comments.

Tablet PC fans will be familiar with PhatWare and their Tablet PC products. WritePad brings back early Tablet PC memories as it allows you to not only do handwriting recognition using a TIP like interface, but to actually write anywhere on the screen.


  1. Thanks to GottaBeMobile I bought the Boxwave stylus and have started using it on the iPad to markup documents and take notes. This program would give me the chance to better see how far I can go down the paperless trail (I’ve really enjoyed being able to markup pdf files).

  2. I’ll use it for taking quick notes in my classroom, which will allow me to leave the sticky-note pad and notebook behind. Plus, it will also allow my students to take notes when we are conferencing.

  3. I would be writing all kind of notes to myself. I have been forgetting things lately so I make notes on paper. I lay them down and then I forget where the notes are. With WritePad I could have them on the iPad and never misplace them.

  4. I use penultimate to take handwritten notes which is good but with the writepad and its handwriting recognition, I would be able to share and email my notes to others which would greatly help me in streamlining my work flow. I could take notes in meetings and then email them straightaway rather than transcribing them in the email app.

  5. I would be using it to write down notes, grocery lists (as typing them out can be a pain sometimes), and whatever else comes down the road.

  6. My Mom is always trying to milk out all the tablet PC functionality physically possible from her iPad, and I would install this on my Mom’s iPad to help her on the way there. As a doctor, she might use this to make dictations, and for her studying, she might find this a useful way to jot down her mnemonics. Like poster MiKeN, she would also probably use it to make simple notes as well, as it’s more aggravating for her to type with the onscreen keyboard.

  7. I’ll be writing a book on the cruellest and most perverse crimes of the Italian Renaissance ;-)

  8. I am running a trial of using the iPad as my only computer and would use this as my input method of choice.

  9. Continuing to push the boundaries…I am doing a lot on my iPad and using it as a productivity device more so than a consumption device. WritePad would be another tool in the toolbox towards that end.

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