Microsoft Releases IE9 Beta for Download

Internet Explorer is one of those hard luck cases. It’s still used a lot and often maligned and many have written it off. Well, Microsoft is hoping to change that with IE9, and Microsoft has just released a Beta version for anyone to download and try out. Microsoft is also showing off the new features and we’ll have some video and other info to post later today. In the meantime if you’re downloading and trying it out, let us know your thoughts.


  1. As a Firefox user of 4 years now, I can safely say that IE9 is fast enough and light enough that I am finally excited about it again. It’s very impressive so far, although I’ve had a number of page rendering problems (even on Microsoft’s site). However, I figure most of the sites I’ve had trouble with are expressly written for/against IE for one reason or another.

  2. I ditched IE7 because of its restrictions on customizing toolbars. For example, to have the Google toolbar I needed to devote an entire new row to it. Can one now move things onto the standard toolbar lines?

  3. I do find it a bit strange that nobody seems to be asking about security upgrades with IE9. Are there any? Is the extension engine more powerful so that developers can finally bring AdBlock+, etc to IE? Otherwise, while it’ll be greatly improved speed-wise for the large group of users who stick to the default browser, I can’t see it taking back the enthusiast market.

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