US pricing for TEGA v2 leaked

Okay, “leaked” may not be the right word since it’s on Tegatech’s official TEGA v2 website, but the official launch is still two days away (after being bumped by the WinPho7 hubbub), so the order page is ahead of schedule. No surprise, importing from Australia still isn’t cheap.

Price for the 32GB model is US$988.07, while the 64GB is US$1,172.08, price difference of US$184.01. I’ll be the first to admit that doesn’t sound cheap, but the TEGA is a business-class device targeted at corporate and enterprise users. That’s clear in the marketing copy, not to mention Tegatech is primarily a B2B retailer. Also keep in mind, the v2 runs Windows 7 Professional, not Home Premium, and this includes the 3G option. And again, there’s the matter of importing from Australia.

Taking all that into consideration, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable price. Whether it deserves to be considered business-class, well, we’ll be judging that for ourselves soon enough. :)

Update: the too-early pricing page was torn back down.

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  1. Sorry – DOA at those prices, even for an import. Despite my misgivings on the iPad and business use, and the better “feature set” of the TEGA, it will not compete at a 40% premium to the top end iPad.

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