GBM Shortcut: A Brief Hands-on with the HP Slate 500

In this first of two videos, Xavier gives us a quick and dirty once-over of the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. More details to come in a second, longer video, but if you just want the four-minute tour or something to whet your appetite for the main event, check it out:

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  1. Darren says

    Wicked-looking device! I can’t wait for the full review video!

    On an unrelated note:
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    OMG…GBM has been attacked by ninjas!!

    • Anonymous says

      Yeah, we have a call in on that. At least it hasn’t taken down the site (knock on wood).

  2. Tuur says

    Xavier, don’t slap the device that hard man! We’ve been waiting for it for over a year so be gentle with it :-)
    is it released and for sale yet?

    • Anonymous says

      Yes, it’s available, and since I’ve already got my order in the queue I’ll give you the secret. Go to the HP Small and Medium Business site (it’s not available in the Home and Home Office site). Select “Laptops” and then “Mini” (it doesn’t show up in search). The current expected shipping date is 11/12.

  3. dstrauss says

    USB thought – saw the HP demo video and they plugged a USB 4g stick in it for wireless so it’s a good placement while in your hands in portrait mode.

    • Tuur says

      Isn’t there a way to get internal 3/4G connection via internal modem? A usb stick isn’t a nice option I must say

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