HardCandy Stylus for iPad (and other Capacitive Screens) Reviewed

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I’ve got one of these on order and I continue my experiments in stylus comparisons for the iPad, but in the meantime you might want to check out Josh Smith’s review of the HardCandy Stylus on our sister site, A couple of things to mention here (again before getting my hands on one).

First, the stylus is longer than what we’ve seen so far and I think, as Josh says) that will be a plus. The stylus also has a real pen on the non-stylus end. That’s not a selling point for me, but I can see where it might be for some. It’s available for $34.95 from HardCandy or from Amazon.

In any regard, I’ll fill you in once I get a chance to work with the HardCandy Stylus.

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