Win a Promo Code for WritePad for iPad

We’ve written about WritePad for the iPad quite a few times here on GBM. For those who need handwriting recognition with their Digital Inking it is the best solution out there. If you’re an old school Tablet PC user and remember and miss the Write Anywhere feature of the early Tablet PC OS, then WritePad will bring back some memories.

Now there’s a new version that brings it current with the new iOS 4.2.1 including support for AirPrint and multi-tasking. There is also an improved user interface and you can now Ink your status into Facebook, as well as create calendar events. The learning curve for the HCR is also improved. So, if you’re already a WritePad user you should check out the update if you’ve moved your iPad to iOS 4.2.1.

If you’re not already a user, the makers of WritePad have offered us 3 promo codes so that we can give them away. If you’re interested in obtaining one of the codes all you need to do is leave a comment to this post telling us how you use handwriting recognition on your iPad. We’ll pick the three winners randomly. All comments need to be posted by 9AM PT on Friday, December 5 to be eligible.


  1. I don’t currently use inking on my iPad. In fact, I have mothballed my iPad owing largely to the absence of any reasonable inking experience (true digital ink, not just scribbles on the screen). This software looks as if it addresses some of the shortcomings and would certainly make me take a second look at it…

  2. Awesome! I could certainly use it to maybe annotate pdfs, or FAST note taking. I find using the keyboard just for “jotting” isn’t as fast as one might be able to do for a little note.

  3. I use my iPad to write notes when teaching and practicing the piano. Everything is all in one place and there’s no worry of losing any papers.

  4. I have been using handwriting recognition since I purchased a Motion 1300. I am now working on achieving the same results with my iPad. I am still depending on OneNote for critical recognition but am anxious to achieve equal results on my iPad.

  5. I am a long term Tablet PC user, and use several apps on the iPad seeking some suitable inking experience. I have used Penultimate, Noterizer and SoundPad. Each has some advantages, and seem to leapfrog each other causing me to switch. The first two have a similar approach, so WritePad seems interesting in that it veers so far form any of these.

  6. [email protected]

    Handwriting recognition would make my Ipad much more useful.

  7. As a writer, and someone with a bad memory, I when I get an idea I need to be able to write it down quickly anywhere. Sometimes I will get an idea and it is literally gone before I can dive into App. Write pad sounds like this would address this problem for me. Being able to pick up my iPad and just write, anywhere, would be incredibly useful to someone like me.

  8. Planning to get rid of my moleskin notebook in favor of a portenzo cased iPad. I will use the converted input to drop right into my company’s CRM without having to annotate it. Would love to see a simplistic drawing capability built in so I can have both text and sketches within my notebook.

  9. The app is great for those of us who started with graffiti, this makes it even better

    The only thing it is missing is the ability to do GTD like tasks and I wouldn’t need anything else

  10. Have been using Penultimate and Notes + since last month for takin my lectures in my medical college, but always felt it tough to read them as the handwritin di t caome out good in both the apps. Hopefully Writepad will solve the problem for me! Thank you for the information

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