Palazzo Hotel Safes are Geek Friendly

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Leaving expensive gadgets in hotel rooms can be stressful. While I’ve never had a gadget go missing from a hotel room, I always worry that a bad guy will swipe anything that I leave out. I was pleasantly surprised by the safes in our hotel rooms at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. They’re large enough to hold a pair of 15″ laptops or other large items. The really cool part of the safe is that there’s a pair of AC outlets built into it. That means I can lock down and charge my 15″ MacBook Pro when I go hit the show floor.

Xavier Lanier is the publisher of Gotta Be Mobile and a photographer. He uses too many devices to count, but his current favorites are the iPhone 5s, HTC One, Nikon D800 and Sony RX 100M II. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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