ArtRage for iPad Demo at CES 2011

ArtRage is showing off its painting applications at CES. While the best I can manage to draw on an iPad is something that resembles a first grader’s finger painting, some artists can create some really good looking stuff.

Here’s a photo of ArtRage for iPad in action at CES 2011. As I watched the artist creat this portrait I was really impressed by the level of control he had with the paintbrush he was using as a stylus.


  1. “It’s like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it. ”
    (Steve Jobs)

    Expect Apple will be disallowing ArtRage any moment, LOL.

    Relax, just humor…

    • it’s not a real paintbrush. The tip seems to consist of bass hairs or some other conductive material, forming a brush, and the grip has to be conductive too.
      And in the end you still get a fat imprecise conductive pen, resulting in such awkward looking portraits shown in the post above.
      Better buy a tablet PC (like the ASUS EP121) with a proper pressure sensitive highly precise Wacom pen and useful software, not just apps.

  2. I have a wacom, but it’d be nice to get something decent for the iPad (I know, with the capacitance screen, not likely).

  3. And to do it they needed what……
    A stylus.

    So, according to Steve Jobs – they failed.
    We’ll see if apple invents the stylus for ipad gen II.
    But honestly I think that will just be the cameras update suppressed from round one for the upsell ability on gen II.
    I think it will be gen III or so before apple invents the stylus.

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