Samsung Slider 7 Offers Alternative Netvertible Form Factor (Video)

Samsung was really cautious about calling its Slider 7 a PC, netbook, or even tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show where the company had a huge presence. The device offers a sliding and tilting screen–an industrial design that HTC had helped to pioneer with its dual-boot Windows HTC Shift tablet–and with internal netbook components–such as the Atom-based Oak Trail CPU. Underneath the sliding screen is a full island-style keyboard with blue keys. Unfortunately, according to the rep, the keys aren’t backlit.

You can check out the Slider 7 with the Samsung custom UI overlay on top in the embedded video below:


  1. Anonymous says

    Totally in love with it.

    12” and a digitizer would make it perfect for me, but hey, it’s the best “transitional” device I’ve seen so far: beautiful, Windows 7 on board, a keyboard, light, huge battery life, nice touch UI, dedicated touch applications in collaboration with MS.
    Best of both worlds (netbooks / iPad-like tablets), great as laptop replacement.

  2. Anonymous says

    wow really? samsung wants to trash windows 7 like they did android with they’re crap overlays? seriously??

  3. Claudioman2009 says

    only 64 gb and no HDMI??? just one usb… ┬ámmm beautyfull and better than an ipad 2 thoug

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