Trademarks: HTC Arrive and Kyocera Echo for Sprint

Two trademarks were dug up by Engadget for two smartphones for Sprint’s Now Network–the HTC Arrive and the Kyocera Echo. At this point, not a lot of information is known about either handsets, except that Engadget anticipates the HTC Arrive will mark the arrival of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform on a CDMA network. For its part, Microsoft has stated in the past that it was focusing its initial launch efforts for Windows Phone 7 for GSM and will later expand support of the platform to CDMA networks.

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  1. Ooooh, maybe with a hint of luck aimed in my direction the Arrive will be an EVO-esque device with WP7. I really really hope so!

  2. Sooooooooo good news. Kyocera Echo latest version mobile phone that invented by Sprint. It’s configuration is so good. But I am anxious for it’s longevity. Many are depends on the users.

    Go to the link and see exclusive video footage.

  3. I think this introduction of gadget in the market will certainly catch the eyes of the people around looking for new attractive gadgets that offers wide area of functionality. Its main competitor would be the Motorola Atrix which boasts 16 gb internal memory and 48 gb expandable. To know more about in detail about Sprints’ kyocera echo follow this link.

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