iPad 2 Memory: Only 256MB of RAM?

(UPDATE: A new report form Apple Insider says the new iPad will have 512MB or RAM after all. We will have to wait till Apple confirms this or ships the tablet. Read more abou the iPad 2’s memory here.)

At the iPad 2 announcement today one important detail was not mentioned–the amount of memory in the new iPad. The iPhone 4 was upgraded with 512 MB of RAM when it was released last year. So what about iPad 2? Mums the word from Apple.

When Gizmodo asked about RAM at the London demo after the announcement Wednesday, the person showing off the iPad 2 said it only came with 256 MB. As they discussed the issue, the man’s supervisor at the event gave a “no comment” response. On the Apple specifications page for the new iPad there is no mention of the amount of memory.

Screen shot 2011 03 02 at 5 30 48 PM

Is the iPad 2 is under spec’d in the memory department? It would be a disappointment if this is true. Why would Apple put half as much memory in the new iPad as is currently available on the iPhone?  The only answers we can come up with is cost or availability of enough memory chips.

This question will likely be settled either with an announcement from Apple or a tear down iFixit. Until then, stay tuned.


  1. GoodThings2Life says

    Ludicrous, if true. Maybe they should have kept that .2mm thickness and bumped it to 1GB.

  2. Dorje Sylas says

    That’s what you get for repeating unsubstantiated crap from Gizmodo. How about doing your own investigation instread of rumor mongering.

  3. Karfrs says

    Now all we need is that on the 11 of march, you buy it, and it has 2 gis of RAM… Now THAT would be impressive… (but IMPOSSIBLE!!)

  4. Joe says

    The paradigm has changed. It should work for apps that run on it. The rest is apple’s problem. That is how they make it work is for them We only know about memory cause that was a parameter for performance on the Mac. But iPad is an appliance so u cannot compare as you would have to Include all parameters which consumers cannot.

    The paradigm is it works for apps you buy. Check out garage band and then tell me there is a performance issue.

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