iPad 2: Should I Buy an iPad 2? Which Model?

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  1. Anonymous

    I got an ipad when I found a deal with apple store gift cards. Total cost: $350.

    Gave ipad to my wife when I got sick of the limitations.

    My wife just tried to give it back when she got sick of the limitations.

    We won’t be getting an ipad 2.

    Maybe if ipad 3 gets direct connectivity for drag n drop without needing workarounds, we’ll revisit it.

    • Hulye

      Could you elaborate on these limitations? I don’t have an iPad but was thinking of getting a 2 so I’d love to hear negative comments (just because we already know all the positive ones, especially from marketing materials.)

      • Xavier Lanier

        Typing and content creating can be a pain on the iPad, unless you’re adept at typing on the touch screen. The lack of Flash really bother some people and despite what Apple says, you won’t experience the ‘full’ Web on the iPad or iPad 2.
        Multi-tasking isn’t really multi-tasking in the way you’d think of it on a Mac or PC. Audio is sub-par unless you plug in headphones.
        Those are just a few of the most common complaints. Also, a good number of iPad owners I talk to end up not using the device as much as they’d expect. It all depends on your usage scenario.

      • Allan

        try jailbrakeing it to remove the limits

    • Allan

      try jailbreaking it to remove the limitations and make using it easier

  2. Hulye

    The Garage Band looks cool. Is that app comes with the iPad 2?

  3. tivoboy

    Don’t forget third party insurance options like Squaretrade, which not only offer device functionality insurance but also DAMAGE insurance for about the same price as applecare. If you drop it, break the screen, etc., they will either repair or replace. AMEX and other card companies DO offer damage in their policies, but it usually times out about 90 days. Especially for a kids ipad, the 80$ for a three year squaretrade policy might be worthwhile. Applecare does not cover damage at all (although, it isn’t uncommon for a nice apple geniuses to do something to make things better. :-) _

  4. JG

    Regarding the article…
    This was a nice write up.

    Nice Job.

    I will be getting iPad 2 by the way. But only because of the camera upgrade. We do video chat alot in our home.

  5. Robert


    I think he is refering to the lack of SD card for media transfer, and having to conect to the iTune for synic, Personaly i find it just as easy, but some people are used to drag and drop away of doing it on other devices. That would never be a reason for me to give one away, or to not buy one.

    • tivoboy

      I just use the camera connector, granted the apple version is high margin at 29$, but can be had for less and there is a chinese version which should offer even more func. for less

    • Hulye

      Well, yeah. It would be nicer to have drag-n-drop but iTunes is ok. I got used to it with my iTouch.

      But SD card would definately be nicer. The 16G to 32G iPad is 100 bucks difference, whereas I can get a 16G SD card for 25 bucks or so. Maybe that’s what Apple doesn’t want.

      • Anonymous

        Itunes is bloated, intrusive garbage, but I would like to be able to drag-n-drop from any computer or USB drive. Access to file type associations would be nice. Really, I prefer a file-centric OS.

  6. VuLN

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  7. Tracy

    I just received my ipad 2 and am now in the market to upgrade my cell phone. I am with verzion and cant decide wether to go with the iphone 4 or the Thunderbolt ? Any input ?


    • Gak

      I would wait for the iPhone 5

    • Jerry

      I was having the same issues regarding a decision…..the iPhone4 is a super telephone….spend the extra money and get the 32GB…….well worth the money and a safety valve if you like to store lots of stuff….

  8. Tony

    Would not buy anything from Apple, they are control freaks. The lack of an SD slot on these devices is a joke and very cynical imo.

  9. Blecher5

    cheese is rooto yuckk lummbo

  10. Abhay Bajaj

    Got an iPad 2 Wifi 16gb version and don’t complain at all about the storage as there is a lot of capacity for applications. As far as movies and multimedia are concerned, I put them on Dropbox and can access my stuff from the cloud. Although there might be tablets which possess of features which are better than the iPad, the user experience on the iPad cannot be compared to any one of them, and I recommend you to go in for one

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