Evernote Web overhauled with improved interface, more sharing options

My favorite virtual memory drawer Evernote just rolled out a major update to their web interface. While not a perfect match, the new design is more consistent with their desktop applications and offers more sharing options, including Facebook. Applies to shared notebooks as well, so any notes you want to share with the world just got a little easier to access.

The highlight is the design itself. The three-panel design cascades from left to right with notebooks and tags, notes in the selected notebook or tag, and the selected note. Notebooks can be grouped in Stacks in the left panel. The middle panel shows notes in Snippet View, showing a brief excerpt and image (if available). Moving notes to different notebooks or tags is now drag and drop with the ability to drag multiple items at once. The search bar now has access to searches you’ve saved in Evernote via the desktop app. An auto-save option is now available for notes created or edited via the web.

The other big expansion is with sharing. Individual notes can be shared through the web interface via Facebook, email or IM. Notebooks can also be set to share/public. Shared notebooks also benefit from the revised interface, though without the left panel since notebooks are shared on an individual basis. A shared notebook can be linked to your own Evernote account via a button at the top right.

I really like the new look, especially the shared notebook view. It should be more conducive to using my public Evernote notebook as a blogging outlet than the old one. I may need to start shooting more Notes to Self that way.


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