Vodafone’s Evolution of Mobile Video & Future Predictions

Here is a pretty cool video from Vodafone in the UK that calls itself the evolution of mobile showing off mobile handsets from the early and hefty days to the revolutionary early smart phones and ending with an Android phone and the question “What’s next?”

The video displays the phones using some interesting ” cutting-edge 3D projection techniques.” Did any of you own one or two of these early models?

The Evolution of Mobile

By the way, to answer the “what’s next?” question I listened to Ray Kurzweil, a brilliant inventor, author and futurist on the Twit show Triangulation with Leo LePorte and Tom Merritt. He describes his vision of the future fusion between human and technology saying that we are already becoming fused. Smart phones are the beginning of this. As we come to rely on them and they make us smarter. He talked about them being embedded inside our bodies saying “… and it should be!” The video is below:

Kurzweil also believes that one day we will be able to download the content of our brains into a robotic entity and live on indefinitely. After listening to him, I am less skeptical. Would you want your cell phone embedded turning you into a cybernetic fusion?

Kevin loves notebooks, tablets, gadgets and photography. He grew up with computers starting out on a Vic 20 and Commodore 64. The first computer he owned himself was an 8086 Compaq Deskpro. His foray into tablet computing began when he bought a Samsung Q1 Ultra. The smartphone market opened up for him with his Palm Treo 600.


  1. If only the rest of society was allowed to evolve like the phone… We’d have our flying cars by now for sure, and they certainly wouldn’t run on gas.

    Sure things are moving quickly in the personal locator device market. Phones are monitoring your every move and social interaction and what they miss you provide via facebook… Geeze, take about an imprisoned population.

    And then Kurzweil says implants are good, lol… let him get one. The chips they’re putting in dogs and cats to track them “should they become lost or stolen” are already proven to increase cancer but a guy with letters after his name said it’s good, so it must be, ha… losers.

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