Report: Apple to Launch White iPhone 4 by End of April

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, The mobile world’s unicorn, known to some as the white iPhone 4, will apparently be released on both AT&T and Verizon by the end of April.

White iPhone 4

If the white iPhone 4 does indeed hit shelves in the next few weeks, it will have been 10 months since Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC in June of 2010 and announced two versions of the iPhone 4. One black, the other white. The black version has been available on AT&T since the end of June and on Verizon since February.

There have been hints that a launch date was finally approaching with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller taking to Twitter to alert the world that a release of the white iPhone 4 was indeed close.

However, recently, Apple wiped away a ton of references of the white iPhone 4 from its website leading many to speculate (me included) that the white iPhone 4 was going to be delayed into non-existence.

And while this certainly could still be the case, it seems more likely that Apple has finally solved the manufacturing issues and will finally make a couple of fans happy by releasing a white version of the iPhone 4.

In any event, we should know for sure in 2 weeks time.


  1. To quote Super Troopers, “I’ll believe it when me s**t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert!”

  2. Nice but it’s ugly and reportedly takes bad pictures. Hey anyone wanna trade their black iPad 2 16GB Wifi Millenium Edition for my white one?

  3. I had to skip the iPhone 4 because I wasn’t eligible until this past January. I missed the “upgrade on launch if your upgrade date is this year” cutoff by mere weeks. I don’t know how much longer my iPhone 3GS can hold up… Oh well.

  4. I hear you about contract dates and such. I had to wait until this month to get my iPhone 4 and I missed the date to buy it for $50 less. My kids all have iPhones (and my wife) and they all have white ones, which makes me the black sheep. I wish I could have waited a little longer to hear about this rumor. I would have been so mad though if I waited and found out it was a hoax. We all take turns using our iPhones to watch live and recorded TV from my DISH Network employee Sling adapter at home which makes it easier for us to spend time together at home not watching TV more often than the past.

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