Bodyguardz Carbon Armor iPad 2 Skin Review: Stylish iPad 2 Back Protection

The iPad 2 is complemented by the Smart Cover, but that leaves the back of the iPad vulnerable to scratches and can be a bit difficult to grip for some users. We have looked at numerous ways to protect the back of the iPad 2, and now we have another method of protection – the Bodyguardz Armor Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Skin. This skin retails for $29.95 and comes in black or white carbon fiber. The skin includes a screen protector that will protect the front of the iPad 2 and is anti-glare so that you have better outdoor visibility.

bodyguardz armor carbon fiber ipad skin review

Like the Bodyguardz skin we installed on the HTC Thunderbolt, the iPad 2 skin was fairly easy to install. Because the iPad 2 is larger, we did have to spend several minutes finding just the right lineup which was a bit frustrating. Thankfully the skin is able to be removed and re-applied numerous times. After about 5 minutes, some deep breathing and a calm approach we were able to get the skin lined up just right.

bodyguardz armor carbon fiber ipad skin closeup

The Carbon Armor Skin has cutouts for the iPad 2 camera, speaker grill, volume control, orientation switch and audio jack. The corners of the iPad 2 are still a little open due to the corner design which is cutout to keep bubbles or wrinkling from taking away from the clean look and feel.


One item we were a bit confused by was the cutout on the upper left side (while looking a the rear) which doesn’t appear to serve a purpose. There is a small piece that can be placed in this area, but we aren’t sure why the cutout is there in the first place. You can see a bit of the cutout in the image below.

Update: Bodyguardz let us know that this cutout is in place for iPad 2 3G + WiFi units which have a SIM card slot in this location.

bodyguardz armor carbon fiber ipad skin cutout

The screen protector is thinner than some other anti-glare ones that we have tried, which is a good thing in our opinion. You can tell there is a protector on the iPad 2, but i you like the benefits of an anti-glare display, this is one you will like. Installation on a screen as large as the iPad 2 is tricky but not impossible. If you happen to get dust on the protector you can follow a detailed set of instructions to clean it off and reapply. We suggest you take your time and work in as close to a dust free zone as possible. I personally like a “naked” screen, but the included protector is of nice quality and is a great addition for the price.

The Smart Cover still works with the Armor Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Skin, but we wouldn’t recommend hanging it on your fridge since the magnets do feel a little bit weaker than normal. We can still lift the iPad 2 up with the case, and it stays connected in normal use, but the iPad may come loose after a lighter shake than normal.


bodyguardz armor carbon fiber ipad skin review 2

Conclusion: We love the look and feel of the BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber skin for the iPad 2 and at $30 with a screen protector it is a good value. Despite the interesting cutout we highly recommend this skin as a nice looking way to protect the back of your iPad 2 while still using the Apple Smart Cover.


  • Easy to apply (and reapply if needed)
  • Price is good (especially with included screen protector)


  • Unknown cutout on left side
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