HP TouchPad Cover Bears Resemblance to Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Covers?

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HP has posted a cover for the TouchPad webOS tablet online, which shows that the cover can be folded onto itself to be used as a stand for typing and using the tablet at an angle. The usage paradigm is similar to Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover w

here that cover can also be folded onto itself in a triangle to prop up the tablet. However, unlike the Apple Smart Cover, HP’s TouchPad cover is integrated into a case, which provides protection for the back rear side of the tablet, along with the sides of the tablet; Apple’s cover is just s sheath that protects the screen and attaches to the aluminum iPad 2 via magnets.

Not much other information is revealed from the image. HP says that the tablet will be available this summer and Adobe Flash, in beta, will be supported.

Apple’s Smart Cover:

Via: PreCentral

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    05/20/2011 at 12:38 pm

    Everyone recognizes the superiority of the wedge.

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