New Facts About the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Slate

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  1. Giacomo UCDS

    Wacom offers 10,4 digitizers (the same used in Panasonic CF-19, for exaple, or in Motion C5/F5). But it is 4:3 form factor.

    The problem is that no one OEM want to produce Slate PC in 4:3 form factor, as they prefer the orrible 16:9 (Why this? I don’t know. It appears as the only one interested il 4:3 is Apple…). I tryed the Q550 at CeBIT and i tried the T580 who uses the same digitizer and the same 16:9 screen: they are so tight that you can’t use the tablet in portrait mode. A Q550 with a 10,4 4:3 screen should be a great tc1100-like tablet.

    • Anonymous

      Anyway the Q550 has a 16:10 display ratio, which is a lot better than 16:9 and just ok in my opinion.

      I do agree that 4:3 would be even better on such a small device (just look at the ipad).

    • Anonymous

       Why are manufacturers so against the 4:3 in general?  

    • Reese

       I was thinking the exact same thing. Wacom makes senor boards in the 8.4, 9.7, and 10.4 3/4s ratios.

      However…the few tablets that exist in those sizes;(Ls800, TC1100, etc) are “Pen Only”  and not dual digitizers. I just tried looking on Motion Computing’s Site for the C5….and I can’t find any mention of touch capabilities for it. The dual digitizers only seem to be in 12 inch category. But Wacom doesn’t list any screen size specific for their dual digitizers. But since there is clearly a demand for 10 inch and under touch devices, its really foolish of Wacom to not put their hand in the pot and offer a dual digitizer option in a smaller size.

      • Sumocat

         Yes, *dual* is the key word here. Wacom has supplied pen only digitizers for smaller devices, but not pen + touch digitizers.

  2. Benpaulowens

    Hi Sumocat.  Are you getting a unit to review?  No mainstream sites have reviewed as yet.  Only users on tabletpcforum.

    • Sumocat

      Yes, in fact, I’m evaluating it now. Sorry I haven’t posted anything about it yet, but the timing’s been horrendous. It arrived while I was on my work trip, during which I was reviewing the HTC Flyer, followed by catching up with the real work I missed while away (and personal stuff). I will do some teases soon, followed by a thorough review (and my last bits about the Flyer in-between).

  3. Tim

    I’m evaluating the Q550 as a replacement for a conventional laptop.  I find the two ahead really annoying.  Can’t seem to figure out how to disable it.  any ideas? 

    • Tim

      Of course I meant type ahead.  The error in my previous post is an example of why I want to disable this annoying feature

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