Samsung Infuse 4G Spider Commercial Makes Us Scream & Laugh

It doesn’t happen too often, but AT&T has put out a hilarious spider commercial for the new Samsung Infuse 4G Android smartphone featuring the high end 4.5″ Super AMOLED display that, if commercials are to be believed, will cause your coworkers to freak out.

In the Samsung Infuse 4G Spider commercial, a prankster puts his new Infuse 4G down on the table with a spider on the display and scares a coworker, but thankfully “Dave” is ready with his shoe. Unfortunately, the Infuse 4G doesn’t look like it can withstand a hammering by Dave’s shoe.

Samsung Infuse 4G Spider commercials AT&T

Samsung Infuse 4G Spider - So Real You'll Freak

The Samsung Infuse 4G is available from AT&T for $199 with a two year contract.


  1. A49erfan85 says

    This is one of the most annoying commercials with the girl screaming. Everyone I know mutes the sound or changes to another station when it comes on.

    • Goodjourney says

      Very stupid annoying commercial. How does such a commercial generate sales??? I hate it!! I have never left a comment on a commercial in my life!! This is the worst. I won’t buy one for sure….

      • Kranefran says

        I am not the type to search out a website to express my disgust with this commercial, but I HATE IT.  I should sue samsung for giving me migraines and deafness. please have it pulled off the air-PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Junk says

        This has got to be the worst commercial every made. It is stupid, pointless, annoying, and just plain a waste.

    • Goodjourney says

      Very stupid annoying commercial. How does such a commercial generate sales??? I hate it!! I have never left a comment on a commercial in my life!! This is the worst. I won’t buy one for sure….

      • Shhhh2228 says

        We’re with you – we try to grab the remote to turn it off as soon as that idiot actress starts screaming.  This commercial is AWFUL  – everyone I know hates it too.  Wish it would just go off the air.  It won’t do us any good to complain here though.  We should tell the company!!

        • Spamango says

          xD It’s unfair to call the actress an idiot for the commercial creator’s and the producers faults. The company is the one putting out the commercial WAY past the point of it being amusing.

      • hatethiscomm. says

        I hate this commercial too!! I found this page after searching to see if other people hated it as much as I do… whose stupid idea was it to make a commercial where a woman screams like that?!! Nobody wants to hear someone scream, and it’s definitely not going to make people want to buy this product.

      • hateit!!! says

        This commercial makes my head hurt.  I sometimes change channels and watch another channel so I don’t have to listen to that screaming!!

    • whatmeworry says

      This commercial and the one by Staples ARE the worst tv commercials ever…I have boycotted Staples since then and now I will simply boycott Samsung ATT products…simple…I will do my shopping elsewhere…so any companies out there who want to annoy us with your stupid ads, do it, and I will simply NOT buy your products and services.

    • SCherzo says

      Ha!  Thank you all for posting this…. my wife laughs at me cause when that commercial comes on she knows to either mute it or change the channel.  The funny thing is I hate it so much, I never even knew the product name.  if that’s what they were hoping for, it backfired for me.  The screaming is ridiculous, and I’ll never buy that product out of principle!

  2. Cc_walkup says


  3. Anonymous says

    The commercial is very jarring and annoying to me, but I also have a friend who is caring for her mother with advanced Alzheimer’s and whenever it comes on and she doesn’t get to the mute button in time, it takes her about a half hour to calm her down.

  4. sea says

    I agree, I HATE screaming commericals, after the first time it is so annoying to hear it OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  Just like the extremely annoying Disney World commercial where the kids are going ape and screaming.  I mute it and will not consider purchasing anything that uses this type of advertising.

  5. Hate This Commercial says

    i found this page by googling annoying spider mobile commercial to see if people were as angry about it as i was and came across this page. the irony was that someone was actually praising it. WTF?

  6. guest says

    hate this comercial. its bad enough commercials are compressed sound so as to be loud to grab your attention. This one has gone to far . i will be boycotting both samsung and att

  7. Ebaust says

    I hate this commercial with deep passion. How rude to have to hear that scream. Dumb. I want to burn all my Samsung products in protest this obnoxious ad. 

  8. Noneofyourbusiness says

    I agree with every comment.  I just googled  “people who hate the screaming spider commercial” confident I’d find plenty of hits.  HATE this commercial with a passion.  Had no idea what brand it was for, because I hurry to change the channel or mute it.  It wakes us up if we fall asleep with the TV on and then we’re really pissed!  Not to mention it’s on ALL THE TIME.  F—  OFF SAMSUNG!  HORRIBLE IDEA.  I will now make a conscious effort NOT to buy any of your products.

  9. Yepitsme says

    Very BAD commercial…just like taples commercials that were on a year ago…BOYCOTT ATT
    and SAMSUNG

  10. TBSWEETPEA says


  11. Lisa says

    I hate, hate HATE this stupid assed friggin comercial. Who screams like that?? It’s a FAKE spider for crying out loud!! Someone doesn’t have a gun to your baby’s head!!! You woke me and my granddaughter up last night and she cried for 20 minutes. I hate you, Samsung. I hope you lose a billion dollars in sales because of this dumb and annoying commercial.

  12. Norman1 says

    I hate this commercial, too. But, more importantly, I don’t even understand it. Why does the
    guy say “Got it”? What does that mean??

    • Lainer1003 says

      Norman, are you stupid?  Take a wild guess what “Got it” means after the actor slams the spider with his shoe. Yikes are people really that dense?

    • Fed Up says

      Personally, I would bitch slap the broad to shut her up and kick the shit out of the idiot smashing my phone with his shoe. Absolutely HATE this commercial, it portrays people as total idiots.

  13. MySharona says

    I loathe this stupid commercial.  It insults my intelligence, offends my ears and prompts me to change the channel.  You can rest assured that I will NOT buy that stupid phone.  I am quite sick of hearing this commercial play over and over and over.  Samsung, perhaps next time ‘infuse’ some finesse and money into your advertising gimmicks – this is an epic F-A-I-L. 

  14. Kilauea22 says

    I agree with all of the above. I can’t turn it off fast enough. NOT FUNNY, not entertaining. I would never even look at this phone, or change to ATT

  15. Awful!!! says

    Our family was watching America’s Got Talent and my father had the volume turned up when it went to a break and this awful commercial came on. It was so horrible and our neighbor’s dogs started barking outside!  JUST AWFUL!!

    I see AT&T has not learned its lesson!  Remember that previous commercial with that very high-pitched squeal from that guy in the car pool?  That was AT&T if I remember right.  These screaming commercials are awful.

  16. geas says

    This may be my least favorite commercial of all time. I watch television to relax, not to be startled by the most obnoxious scream ever. Idiots.

  17. Petkovicj says

    I Hate this AD with a passion…. Annoying and creates an aversion to the brand in general. Bad move.

  18. Pbavery says

    HATE HATE HATE this idiotic ad and they show it way too often. Would NEVER buy that phone!!!

  19. vixfox says

    We have two samsung phones in our family.  We are trading them in for something else.  This is the worst commercial ever.  We all jump to grab the remote to turn it down whenever it comes on.  It is faster to change the channel really quick while it’s on.  I googled “I hate the samsung infuse 4G commercial.

  20. Jessica Stone says

    The commercial just came on and I googled it to see if anyone else hated it as much as I did. Looks like everyone does. If a TV show comes on and I dont like it, I dont have to watch it, but with a commercial, by the time I realize what it is, its usually too late to avoid it. The crazy B*** is already screaming for several seconds by the time I have a chance to grab the remote. It pisses me off that its essentially forced on the viewer.

    • Erika says

      I hate that ignorant commercial soooooooooo much that it just makes me want to pick up a brick and throw it, hoping it would hit that nerve racking screaming woman right in the mouth and break all of her teeth out instead of my TV!!

  21. Heidi Heidbreder-Spahn says

    I literally just broke my arm in an attempt to get the remote and change the channel before having to hear the shreik of that crazy b**ch! The only thing that could make this commercial tolerable is if her boyfriend hauled off and smacked her so hard across the face that she flew through the window then proceeded to scream at her for being a psycho. Hhmmmm Nope, now that I think about it that wouldn’t even help.

  22. Roedy Green says

    This commercial is clever, but when you hear it over and over all that
    realistic panicked screaming is downright irritating.  Samsung does not
    have the right to subject the public to this “crying wolf” commercial.

    • Johntwo says

      There is nothing at all clever about this commercial.  It is stupid on a colossal scale and rates higher on the annoying scale than any commercial I have ever seen. Just MHO.

    • BoycottSamsungATT says

      Clever? What’s so clever about this commercial?..that it can be thought out by a gifted 6 year old kid?…Irritating…yes…but clever, no way!

  23. Lovely says

    This commercial makes me want to ram knives into my eyeballs.  I wish that spider were real, and that it would bite that nasty ass bitch right on the tongue to shut her the hell up.

  24. Jbw1968 says

     Yes This commercial is just as stupid and irritating as the Staples screaming guys commercial.  Don’t these advertisers have a clue????  I feel like dropping AT&T for this.

    • DavidRandolph says

      Yeah, they have a clue.  That’s why they do it.  I guarantee that these big companies know EXACTLY what they’re doing and actually intended for this commercial to be so ear peircingly loud. 

  25. Rleach11 says

    Because of this commercial I will never buy another Samsung product, nor will I ever switch my cell coverage to AT&T. Both are big losers as far as I’m concerned. Why can’t commercials target intelligent thinking people? This one was made for morons!

    • Lainer1003 says

      Oh you mean intelligent thinking people who base their buying decisions on a commercial?

  26. PBJ814 says

    The first time I heard this commercial I was watching American Idol and had the volume up on my television a little more than normal. When this commercial came on it sent my cats flying across my house, one jumped right up my curtains from off my lap, leaving me scratched and making my curtain rod fall down onto my side table which spilled my drink all over the side of my couch and area rug. If Samsung’s marketing goal was to get people’s attention, it certainly worked, however it brought my attention to a product that I will NEVER buy or even consider just because of this commercial. There are much better ways to come up with a humorous commercial than this, and it just seems to me like this was a failed attempt to have a “viral” commercial, which very obviously nobody finds funny at all. NEVER BUY SAMSUNG!!

  27. 2cesaretti says

    Possible the WORST commercial ever made. The only commercial I MUTE when it comes on. Somebody should take a shoe and kill the ad!

  28. Ltjor says

    I love this commercial!. I’ve watched it over and cover and I still find it funny. Sweeeet!

      • Lainer1003 says

        What does that make you?  People are entitled to differing opinions.  If you only want your opinion or those from people who only agree with you choose a different venue.  Like obnoxious people who think only their opinion is worth seeing.

        • Erika says

          It seems like you’re in the wrong place, do you know where you are? This place is for people who have dislikes for this commercial only, not for sickos who do like it and all of you are the ones who are obnoxious, especially for enjoying an obnoxious commercial like this one anyway!! Totally warped, twisted, and screwed up in the head I must say!!

    • Erika says

      That’s because you have something in common with this commercial!!
      Insanity! Anyone who loves insane stuff has really gotta be insane!!

    • Howie23 says

      Ha!  That’s not even whats sad.  What’s sad is that 6 people agreed with this statement.  No wonder they wont take it off the air!

  29. microdot says

    What is wrong with people, this commercial is hilarious if only because the girl is soo stupid to be fooled by a picture on a phone.

    • Erika says

      What’s wrong with you? So, in other words, you’re saying hysterically, loud screaming is hilarious huh? You must be a child to find this commercial funny, FYI, it’s not funny, it’s sick!!!

    • Erika says

      What’s wrong with you? So, in other words, you’re saying hysterically, loud screaming is hilarious huh? You must be a child to find this commercial funny, FYI, it’s not funny, it’s sick!!!

  30. FU AT&T/Samsung says

    Yeah I sent Samsung a very friendly email ;)  and I didn’t use any curse words at all!!!

  31. Onemadmama says

    This stupid commercial makes my 7 month old baby boy cry, and about near gives me an anxiety attack. I hate it with a passion and will be SO GLAD when it quits airing. I have half a mind to write a nastygram to them.

    • Denise Bell says

      I have never commented on a commercial but I hate this commercial.  I knew that I could not be the only person to be annoyed.  I am seriously considering writing a letter to the company to ask if they would please stop running this commerical.  One has to think that their marketing dept can do much better.

  32. Senya D. says

    This is one of the most annoying commercials I have ever seen.  I hate the entire concept of the girl screaming.
    Every time it comes on when I watch TV at night I rush to hit mute because the sound of the girl screaming makes me cringe and wakes up my husband.  Can someone please remove this horrible commercial from TV.

  33. Senya D. says

    This is one of the most annoying commercials I have ever seen.  I hate the entire concept of the girl screaming.
    Every time it comes on when I watch TV at night I rush to hit mute because the sound of the girl screaming makes me cringe and wakes up my husband.  Can someone please remove this horrible commercial from TV.

  34. Guest says

    I HATE this F___ING commercial! I’m so annoyed of it being forced on me. It’s seriously the MOST ANNOYING thing I’ve ever heard! I cringe and get upset by it every time it comes on, which unfortunately seems to be often. If I’m watching a channel and this commercial comes on a second time I will not only change the channel but sometimes I just turn off the tv completely, yes, it’s that annoying that it makes me stop watching tv mid-show. There should be a law against commercials being able to have someone screaming at the top of their lungs!

    • ToddT26 says

      Yea, and if your watching streaming video on CBS, they play this damn thing every 15 minutes or so and you can’t skip it!  Thankfully there’s a mute button but it makes me mad everytime I have to hurry up and mute the stupid thing before the woman starts screaming.  Unbelievable. 

  35. Pesto says

     thank you everyone for Disliking this commercial, I thought I was alone with my feelings on it or I was just
    out of touch, i did email the PR firm that is responsible for the media relations for Samsung and gave them
    my opinion in a nice way. I hope they respond. I did get an “out of office reply” right away, maybe that is all I will get.

  36. guest says

    I hate this commercial and my wife and I can not press the mute button fast enough when we realize it’s coming on.

  37. Kevinmurphy says

    I hit the mute button every time.  I wonder if the other companies paying for their commercials following realize their ads are being muted too.

  38. Blanton Jill says

    I want this commercial off the air.  I just can’t stand it any longer.  I will not buy Samsung products.  This is just too much.  I absolutely got no information from the commercial because I have to hurry up and turn it off.  I only knew it was samsung because I googled, screaming woman spider commercial.  Take this off the air soon please.

  39. DarkR27 says

    This is one of the most terrible commercials and loudest, I have a normal TV with no special settings and it’s way louder than anything and it’s quiet at the beginning it’s like they made it to make ya look and get pissed….

  40. mammaB says

    I HATE this commercial with a PASSION!!!!!  It pisses me off so bad that I am ready to cancel y internet and my landline with them!  Then I will be completely free of AT & T and keep it that way!!!

    • DantheMan says

      I agree TOTALLY!  Unfortunately they have a monopoly where I live so its them or no one else.  Bas*#&^ds

  41. Lindafedigan says

    The commercial insults my intelligence!!! It makes woman look stupid and men look stupider (new english word lol) Seriously what was ATT thinking?? The fact that the commercial is many decibels above the norm is probably what is most irritating, I personally believe we should start a email petition to ban this commercial. Anybody in??

  42. Robinm says

    i change the channel every time i see this commericial.  The screaming is disturbing and makes me feel uncomfortable

  43. Robinm says

    i change the channel every time i see this commericial.  The screaming is disturbing and makes me feel uncomfortable

  44. Chris says

    I just sat through this entire commercial for the first time. I usually change the channel as fast as I can when it’s on. Only reason I stayed with it just now was to see what the product was and who the manufacturer was, so I could find a board online to complain about how absolutely shitty this commercial is. 

    • trynobuttatall says

      What a wheener……u guys are just lame, boring, butts. If you don’t like the commercial then don’t watch it. Didn’t your parents tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself? oops sorry I’m guilty :)

  45. Matt says

    I think this commercial is hysterical. The first time I saw it I laughed so freaking hard! I think they get their message across clearly and in a humorous way. I don’t get how anyone is offended or angered by the woman screaming unless your TVs or whatever are always really loud. The set looks beautiful, the shots are simple but effective, and the message is perfectly clear. I thought it was very well done!

    • Yancy says

      Well, it was okay the FIRST time I saw it.  But if your watching a pre-recorded broadcast of 48 hours they play that commercial every 10 minutes!!!  UGH!

    • iSnark says

      I think it’s hysterical too!  I laugh every time I see it.  I agree with everything you said.  It’s one of my favs and I will rewind it to watch it again if I see it on tv.

    • Junk says

      Not offended, not angered. This commercial is pointless, useless, and a complete and utter annoying waste. Has to be the worst every made. Just plain dumb.

  46. Amber Smith says

    I HATE this commercial with an unrivaled passion! It may be the most irritating commercial EVER.. She scream so loud and with no alterations in her tone so its straight fake, unbelievably annoying and way too loud overall..  I have never had to google if anyone else hated a commercial before but I have been driven to the brink!! 

  47. Jon says

    Whoever made this commercial, and whoever agreed to put it on air, should be put in a room and forced to hear that scream over and over for eternity. I would make a point of not buying this product even if it was the least expensive and best on the market!!! I never blog, but just like others, I googled this, knowing I couldn’t be alone in rushing for the remote every time it comes on. The question is how much longer will it run. 

  48. moh says

    I am only here cuz I  hate the commercial and give it the worst reviews. This is really a very bad and horrible commercial when the girl scream I hate it.

  49. Sassyklerk says

    hate that commercial! hate that commercial! hate that commercial!  I’ll be watching a normal program and that commercial plays louder than my program. I live in a quiet apt complex and i’m killin myself to get the remote and turn it down.  TURN OFF THAT DAMN COMMERCIAL!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  50. Jag says

    This is the most irritating commercial of all time. I turn the channel every time it comes on. I will not watch i or buy a Samsung product or AT&t service until it disappears from the air.

  51. Nancyna says

    I agree with everyone who hates this commercial.  It’s awful, NOT funny, NOT clever, NOT creative – it’s probably the worst commercial on the air today.  AT&T get a grip – take it off the air.  And who the hell is the actor playing the woman?   Bet she has trouble finding work after this unless she just gets jobs making sound tracks that require shrill, piercing, ear-shattering screams.

    • thiscommercialsux says

      Can you imagine being at the casting call for that screaming bitch’s part?…AWWWWWWWWWW!!! thank you, next….AWWHWHHSHHSHHSHSHSH!!! thank you, next….SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! wow, i think you are the one, you are hired, America will love you!

  52. Beth says

    This commercial just came on and I dove for the remote.  It startles me every time it comes on and it needs to be removed.  No one wants to hear someone scream at the top of their lungs unless they are watching something where they expect it!  The natural reaction for most people when they hear someone scream is to sense they are in danger or peril.  Your body responds to that…and it isn’t FUNNY! 

  53. David D. says

    It’s not even that it’s so screetchingly loud.  The concept of someone actually believing a real spider was on the table instead of a cell phone is rediculous.  I know its supposed to be a joke, but it makes the actors look really stupid.  I hate this commercial with a passion.

  54. Janders68 says

    I will never buy anything from Samsung again thanks to this stupid commercial!!! Whoever came up with it should be fired!

  55. Chrisvann2 says

    Worst commercial ever….I try to mute the tv the minute it comes on…really what were they thinking?

  56. Smojoe says

    This commercial shows the corporate mentality we have nowadays. It is annoying and obnoxious. But then, corporate mentality just reflects today’s American mentality. Just look at all the other DOPIE commercials.

    • Erika says

      I’m completely with you on this 100%, basically, I hate all of these stupid, nerve racking commercials of today. The best commercials were the ones from the 60s, 70s and 80s and some of them from the early 90s, when commercials were fun to watch and had good music but nowdays, you just want to change the channel or turn off the TV period!!

  57. Erika says

    Why don’t you go cry(waa waa waa waaaaaa) to therapists yourself because you’re the one who’s crazy for thinking it’s ok in the first place to make obnoxious, loud and ignorant commercials like this or worse!! WAA WAA WAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA all the way to the insane asylum is where you should be!!!

  58. ANA says

    I cant believe this commercial is STILL on the air !
    This is an insult to the intelligence of consumers !
    Dont they get it… WE HATE THE F’N thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get it the hell off the air already !

  59. ToddL38 says

    Your screaming spider commercial is probably the most assenine ignorant mean spirited commercial I have EVER seen.  And I know exactly how you guys came up with it because I’m a marketing coordinator.  Your team said ‘Hey guys, we need to get the viewers ATTENTION.  We need to make SURE no one ignores our product.  We need to make it so loud it’s actually startling!’ 

    Well guess what you morons, everyone in the f*ing country is muting this thing every time it comes on the air.  Yet again, one more reason to detest ATT.

  60. Annoyed says

    HATE this commercial with a passion! The most annoying commercial I have ever seen that I had to google to see if others feel the same or if I’m alone in my disgust for this commercial. Considering how many people hate it, maybe that’s what they intended to do…

    Or it could just be that woman’s annoying scream! She’s so annoying!

  61. Auntiechele2 says

    If I see that commercial one more time I will scream and I already will never buy this phone. It’s the most annoying commercial ever!

  62. Squid2357 says

    Absolutely horrid, annoying commercial.  Smith (author), you may scream and laugh, but most of us with a more refined sense of humour find this commercial completely absurd.  Geez….

  63. Squid2357 says

    Absolutely horrid, annoying commercial.  Smith (author), you may scream and laugh, but most of us with a more refined sense of humour find this commercial completely absurd.  Geez….

  64. Squid2357 says

    Absolutely horrid, annoying commercial.  Smith (author), you may scream and laugh, but most of us with a more refined sense of humour find this commercial completely absurd.  Geez….

  65. Squid2357 says

    Absolutely horrid, annoying commercial.  Smith (author), you may scream and laugh, but most of us with a more refined sense of humour find this commercial completely absurd.  Geez….

  66. Patricia Davies says

    I guess women’s equality has flunked out. We are now okay to portray as 3 year old grown idiots again. Pathetic

  67. hootersgirl21 says

    OMG people get OVER it!  It’s a frekin COMMERCIAL!  If you dont like it then just change the chanel.  What’s the big deal.  I think this commercial is hilarious.  You’re just a bunch of wining idiots!!!

    • TampaRob says

      I saw this phone at Walmart and was going to buy it unitl a friend of mine told me it was the same phone in that screaming spider commercial…  I got an HTV Evo instead…  That’s how much this commercial pissed me off…

      • Baha man says

        wtf……………. a silly commercial made you get a crappy phone instead. You’re a real anus and so are the other fools here who apparently dont have a sense of humor 

        • guest says

          Why would you call other people names just because they dont agree with you.  That just goes to show the mentality of the people who thought this commercial was HILARIOUS

    • M&M's says

      HOOTERS girl, you may want to try spell check before you call other people idiots. Just a thought…

      • hootersgirl21 says

        oh REALLY?  Nice try M&M but in case u didn’t know it I’m a college graduate.  Dummy!

        • M&M's says

          Well, that sounds like a reply from a college graduate if I ever heard one.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

  68. Baha man says

    This is sooooooooooooooooo funny. Especially how the guy gives it a last good wack to make sure it’s dead. Totally hilarious

  69. Monica10steven says

    Every time I see this commercial I wish he would beat the BROAD with his shoe. Most annoying commercial ever. Good thing I have Verizon and an iPhone.

  70. ken f. says

    Did this company ever stop to think & realize they may have been infiltrated by the competition to try & put them out of business by playing that ridiculous  spider tv commercial?  I switch channels , also as soon as I can, because it is really annoying , just like that dumb  repetative Marineland tv commercial.  Sales will certainly drop !   Sincerely , Marlenesuf.

  71. DanFromIowa says

    I found this page by looking for a place to complain to at&t about their commercial. It scared the hell out of my parrot and she jumped off her cage into a window. I think she’s ok, but obviously at&t doesn’t care about introducing a loud, screaming idiot into our living rooms. Screw at&t – I’ll never do business with them.

    • Anonymous says

      I’d like to see a sequel where the guy whose cellphone was totaled pulls out a beretta and puts the two idiots out of their misery.  Sorry about your parrot.

    • MollysMom says

      I dont think these corporations realize how much their stupidity affects the general public.  I hope your parrot is okay. :O)

  72. Lhi1 says

    Your commercials are stupid and degrading the husband to the wife for her to say that does not sell phones u people in marketing need to revamp that’s what wrong with society how to put down or belittle a person she married no family mo society America is gone to hell in front of our eyes I won’t buy AT&T hire people with support to family u idiot’s

  73. Patpreacher777 says

    Worst commercial ever! Traded the Samsung for an iPhone when the commercial came out. Best move I ever made! Love the iPhone.

  74. guest says

    Yet ANOTHER foul mouthed inconsiderate reply by someone who thinks this commerical is sooo funny.  NOW I realize who the demographic was for this type of commercial.  Enough said.

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