13 Banks With iPhone Remote Check Deposit Apps

More than half of the checks that consumers deposit remotely come from a mobile device according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study. Even though the overall number and value of checks deposited dropped in the last several years the use of iPhone check deposit apps help consumers quickly deposit a paper check without going to a bank.

In 2014 PayPal dropped support for the iPhone remote check deposit feature from their app, but many banks now offer this as a standard feature. The Federal Reserve Payments Study found that checks consumers deposit with an iPhone or Android mobile device are lower than paper checks, but this is likely due to the limits that many banks set.

Odds are no matter how digital you make your life you’ll still receive a few paper checks each year. With this in mind, we found 9 banks that will let you use your iPhone camera to remotely deposit your check, no matter where you are.

Use an iPhone remote check deposit app to cash a check without going to the bank.
Use an iPhone remote check deposit app to cash a check without going to the bank.

If you haven’t used a remote deposit app, it’s quite simple to do. If you can take a picture with your iPhone, you have all the skills you need to deposit a check with the service. Although the app takes a photo of the check it does not save it in your iPhone photos. For an example of the service in action, keep reading.



Banks with iPhone Check Deposit Apps

Chase Bank – The Chase Mobile app allows you to deposit checks with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app and service are free and the service is available to most Chase customers. There is also a version for Small Business owners.

PNC Bank – In addition to allowing you to manage your money and accounts, the Virtual Wallet by PNC app will let you deposit checks with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you don’t have a Virtual Wallet Account, use this PNC Mobile banking app instead.

Citi Bank – Citi Bank customers can use the Citi Mobile app to remote deposit a check and perform other iPhone banking options.

Huntington Bank – The Huntington Bank app lets you make a deposit by taking a photo of the front and back of the check.


Wells Fargo – Use the Wells Fargo Mobile app to turn your iPhone into a mobile check deposit tool that can deposit a check without visiting a bank.

Many banks impose a limit of $2,500 or lower when using an iPhone check deposit app.
Many banks impose a limit of $2,500 or lower when using an iPhone check deposit app.

Charles Schwab – If you are a Charles Schwab customer the Schwab Mobile Deposit app will allow you to deposit checks into your brokerage or bank account with two snaps of your iPhone camera. To gain access to the service you need to apply for enrollment.

USAA BankUSAA Deposit@Home was the first bank to enter the remote check deposit by iPhone arena and delivers a very easy to use service with instant access to funds. Unfortunately you have to be a  member of the insurance programs to gain access to remote deposit, which means you need to be a member of the military.

US Bank – With the US Bank app you can remote deposit a check from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

State Farm Bank – If you have a State Farm bank account and insurance account you can use the State Farm Pocket Agent app to make a remote deposit with your iPhone.

Bank of America – The Bank of America app lets users deposit a check from iPhone or iPad.

Digital Federal Credit Union – The DCU credit union is one a of a growing number of credit unions with iPhone remote deposit apps. The DCU Mobile PC Branch allows you to remotely deposit checks and manage your account.

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union – If you are a member of the RBFCU, grab the RBFCU Mobile app for the iPhone to make deposits today. The service is free, though there are some limitations on daily and monthly deposits.

WV United FCU – WV United Credit Union members can use the iDeposit app to make a deposit on the go. According to the app makers they want to add more functionality to meet user requests. From the app description, “We’ve had several requests to allow cash deposits via your iPhone. As soon as the technology becomes available, we’ll get right on that one!”

How Does Remote Deposit Work?

Using remote deposit is quite easy. You sign the check and then use your iPhone’s camera to take a picture of the front and back of the check. The banking app will make sure you have a quality snapshot and then send it to the bank. Some banks will give you instant access to the funds while others, will make you wait for the funds to clear.

You can enter the amount so that it is correct, before completing the process so that you know that the amount is correct.

It is important that you hang on to the check until you receive a notification that the check has cleared and funds are available, just in case something is wrong.

How Much Does it Cost to Deposit a Check with a iPhone?

For all of these apps there is no additional charge for remotely depositing your check with the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Most banks limit the iPhone remote check deposit amount to $2,500 or lower. This means that some users will not be able to remote deposit a paycheck, but for many smaller checks the option to deposit with an iPhone is amazing.

This is spelled out in the terms of use, and you can also ask the bank about this feature to determine what the specific limits are.


  1. Chase’s iPhone deposit is nonexistent.  It’s a mere marketing gimmick.  It has been nonfunctional for a month and Chase is not willing to do anything about it.

    • USAA offers this. Also, the author mentions that USAA membership requires military service. This is partially true — if you have family members who have served, it is likely you can become a member. I’m really happy with it.

      • True anyone can be a member and attain a checking account. However to use the remote deposit feature, you have to have an insurance product, which is only entitled to members of the military.

        • This is actually not true. USAA, and all of it’s products, is/are open to any member of any military branch and their family members, equally. In order to qualify for Remote Deposit you must have a line of credit open with USAA (Insurance or Credit Card).

  2. Do any banks support depositing a business sized check? My iphone can’t squeeze the entire front or back onto one picture. I called  I opened an account with PNC for just this reason.I am disabled and I cannot get to the bank to deposit my business-sized disability check. My insurance provider will not permit direct deposit. When I spoke with PNC they said that they do not support depositing business checks.

    I would assume that depositing a paycheck would be a major use of such systems. I hope that the next Phone’s camera will be able to capture the entire front of back on one picture. But then I still need a bank that permits business sized checks.

      • I tried that but my iPhone’s resolution does not capture the details well enough to work. For example the dollar amount is not legible. But if I focus more on price the camera does not capture routing number.

        • try a brighter location; it will allow for greater depth of field, allowing all of the check to be in focus.

        • I have the same exact problem when using Chase Mobile for my Android phone- the app works fine but when I go to take a picture (even in a bright area), the app takes control of my camera’s zoom and contrast features, and the only way it is legible is if it is close up– too close to capture the entire (personal) check. So it comes out all blurry, and there is no way to control the focus or contrast on it like when taking a regular picture outside of the apps. The only time it is in focus is when the normal sized check is too close to get the whole image in frame, and so it cuts off the routing and other numbers and makes it unprocessable. I would love to be able to use my scanner on my printer, or even the built in webcam on my HP laptop and import the image to an app I can use on my laptop (just like my android phone if the app worked with the camera), so I could electronically deposit checks from my laptop at home. I know that the new company BlueStacks has a program that lets you run all your apps from your android phone on your PC (basically a virtual drive/emulator that is synced to your phone’s apps), but it is unable to use the webcam to capture the image of the check, and unable to import the image from a image file like one taken via scanner. Any help on this would be appreciated.

          • Hi Rideon

            Have you find out any idea to import the image to Paypal app?

            Please let me know


      • I had that problem once…believe it or not, I made a reduced- size copy of the check and then took a picture of that!…it worked!

  3. when it does not go thru on chase iphone deposit, look at the routing number and account number.  A few times the scanner misread it to include other numbers.  i changed the numbers after it scanned wrong and it worked just fine.

  4. Hello Josh,
    Interesting article about mobile check deposits—very friendly writing style.
    Any ideas on the internal rate of consumer adoption of this functionality over a 6-24 month window of introduction. Any read on the hurdles they encountered to get it adopted. Any leads ?

  5. Common misconception about USAA – I’m not military but I have auto & home insurance through them as well as checking & saving accounts. Unparalleled service and low fees. 

    • But you must have an unbroken chain of military service and use.  My grandfather served so my parents are eligible.  Since they live near the beach they don’t qualify for USAA insurance products nor do they want to do their banking with USAA.  Because of that, I cannot get their insurance products.  They are extremely strict about this.

  6. USAA only allows if you are a PRN member. So basically for the family member option you have to be either the wife or kids of the serving military member. Outside family members can still join (sisters, brothers, nieces, etc) but won’t be able to have access to this feature

    • I just closed 22 accounts with ING because of not being able to deposit checks and after a week and a half I’ve got nothing but the run around. I loved ING, until I had a problem.

  7. Chase iphone mobile deposit has not failed me yet and it usually posts to my account very quickly. Love it!

  8. After eagerly awaiting the 30 day waiting period PNC Bank requires prior to gaining access to mobile deposits I was disappointed to discover their $500/day & $1000/month limits.

  9. Alliant CU mobile app works great. I’ve been using it about a week now and have not had a problem. It warns you if the photo is bad so you can retake.

  10. PSECU has a mobile deposit app that works great. Sometimes you just have to take another pic if the light isn’t right.

  11. Is there a software company that is selling the check deposit app to banks? Or are they all building this application in-house?

  12. PNC app for iPhone and iPad have both worked for months! I’m shopping for a new bank! Read the reviews for the particular app the bank uses. PNC apps have 1 star for lack of being able to rate it no stars and almost everyone says it doesn’t work!

  13. Why there is no mention of Android apps? I use Chase’s Android app (HTC/Samsung phones)
    to deposit checks every so often and the funds are usually available the same day as if I had gone into a branch before the bank’s closing time on weekdays.
    Very convenient just have to make sure there is good lighting to take a nice picture of the check’s front/back (endorsed).

  14. do any app provide facility to scan directly check number, account number, routing number instead of taking image of check. Just like we have credit card facility to scan credit card number and expiry date.

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