Rob Bushway Checks out the Motion CL900 Tablet

Rob Bushway has his hands on the Motion Computing CL900 Tablet and has put up a few posts and videos about his early usage on the slate that is being billed as light and rugged. You can check out all of Rob’s posts so far here, here, here, and here. Rob, as you would expect lays out his thoughts well and points out both the high points and the issues he sees. with this new slate. Note that the CL900 Tablet is using an NTrig digitizer, is running an Atom Z670 clocking in at 1.5ghz.

You have to give Motion Computing credit. They stick to their guns in terms of their market (or niche) and seem to create quality hardware each and every time out. As Rob notes the NTrig digitizer in the CL900 seems to be in better shape than some earlier Tablets with NTrig digitizers. Remember Rob was one of the first very brave Tableteers who dropped a bundle on the first Dell Tablet with an NTrig digitizer and to put it mildly he was not surpised.  Speculating here, perhaps they are finally figure things out. That would certainly make a lot folks happy.

I believe Chris is working on a review of the Motion CL900 for GBM so it will be interesting to have both opinions up here once Chris gets ready to publish.

I’ve embedded a video Rob shot of the Inking experience below, but make sure you check out his posts.


  1. Didn’t know Rob was reviewing still! Great news — I’ve been looking for a site that reiews tablet PCs!Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Didn’t know Rob was reviewing still! Great news — I’ve been looking for a site that reiews tablet PCs!Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I thought Motion Computing was a great company, which has produced nice products which I liked. Until now!
    I am totally disgusted how Motion Computing treats its loyal customers.

    I has been a customer of Motion Computing for many years, and the J3500 under repair was my second Motion Computing. I am actually using my first Motion Computing LE 1700 to type this comment on this blog. I have never had any problem with my LE 1700, and bought the J3500 laptop last September because it is touch-screen. I was planning to buy a new CL900 tablet.

    About two months, a plastic tab inside one of USB ports inside J3500 apparently fell out “magically,” and then a few days later the USB ports became non-responsive. (Otherwise the laptop worked fine.)
    I sent it to repair, since it’s less than a year ago, and thus the warranty. (I have not used this new tablet much, especially the USB ports, except for I occasionally used the touch screen to read email and browse the web).

    A few days after I sent it to repair, I got an email with a quote. Apparently the USB ports somehow damaged part of the mother broad, and I was asked to pay for the full amount to replace the mother board. I was blamed for the missing plastic tab, so the repair was not under warranty. After receiving the quote, I called the repair service representative, and complained that the USB ports were defective in the first place, as the plastic tab should never have falled off easily. I asked to talk to the manager, who said he’d call back.

    Alas, I didn’t hear back anything (except for an email with a picture of the damaged USB ports) until today, saying that the laptop will not be repaired. The reason, the plastic tab “didn’t just break off.”

    Yeah, the plastic tab didn’t simply break off? If it is not defective in the first place, what caused it then?
    I am a professor in computerr science, and have been using computers since early 80s, In the 25+ years I have used computers, and ever since the USB ports came to the market, I have never had any problem with USB ports! I know how to use USB ports.  And I don’t know what onn could  do to break off the middle plastic tab inside a USB port, if it is not defective in the first place?  One really have to use some kind of tools to break it off, don’t they?

    In any case, I can’t believe that in the world of new tablets and other cool gadets, this is how Motion Computing treats its loyal customers. A few years ago, Motion Computing probably is one of the few which produced tablets. Now there are many choices. I was thinking to buy a new CL900 just to play with it.   

    But hell now, bye, bye, Motion Computing. If this is how you treat your loyal customerrs,  you’ll
    never see me as a customer again.


    (And when I have a chance, I’ll blog about how you treat your loyal customer on social media! This is the first one!)

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