iPhone 5 Rumor Infographic: iPhone 5 Visualized

Want to know what the iPhone 5 will be capable of? If so, you should spend a few minutes pouring over the iPhone 5 Rumor infographic created by Infographic labs from the thousands of iPhone 5 rumors which have been propagating since the iPhone 4 launched last year. Rather than a sloppy collection of hard to weight rumors the iPhone 5 rumor infographic tells you which rumors have the highest likelihood of coming true.

The latest iPhone 5 infographic delivers a more accurate picture of the next iPhone than the iPhone 5 infographic from March and includes pretty accurate percentages of probability for each rumor. Given the latest rumblings, we are even inclined to agree with the 50% probability for 4G LTE in the iPhone 5. It should also come as no surprise to see that there is an 80% rating for a September launch.

iPhone 5 rumors infographic
The latest iPhone 5 rumors.

Which of these rumors do you most want to come true? Which do you think are most likely?

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