How to Get Netflix on The HTC EVO 3D

Netflix’s release on Android, just like Skype’s release earlier today, has been anything but smooth. It was broken for weeks on the HTC EVO 4G and it’s currently not available for several of the top Android devices on the market. One of those devices is the the HTC EVO 3D which was released last Friday on Sprint. However, it has now become apparent that Netflix can, in fact, run on the HTC EVO 3D and we want to tell you how you can get it to do that.


Currently, Netflix is invisible to EVO 3D owners just like it’s invisible to many other Android smartphone owners out there. Lucky for EVO 3D owners though, the EVO 4G’s apk file can be used to get Netflix to work. Can’t say the same about most of the other devices.

So here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: On your phone, head to Settings > Applications > and  then make sure Unknown sources is checked.


Step 2: Download this file from the forum on Pocketables.

Step 3: Install that file. You can do so by placing it on your SD card and then tracking it down on your device, or simply email it to yourself and open it like an attachment. Gmail works well for this.

After that, Netflix should work on the HTC EVO 3D. Pretty painless and it will hold you over until the official application is updated with support. Let us know if it works out for you, will you?

Via: Good and EVO


  1. IT IS FANTASTIC!!! If you right click on the link that says “This File”, then copy and paste it into an email to your EVO 3D. Then all you need to do is click on it when you receive it. Works flawlessly. Joe EVO 3D

    • U don’t bed to copy paste anythin, just go to the market app that’s in ur Phone punch in netflix and hit download, no idea why people are having a hard time wit that? It’s like downloading any other app its simple

  2. Worked Great.  Now i can fully say that I am a true Android man.  thanks for this information.  really appreciate it.

  3. works great!……i keep getting an update mess……but cant update……still works fine though……:)

  4. I have an easier way than that, just go to the market app that’s already on ur phone punch in netflix and hit install and bam its there ready to go . Just like installing any other app on ur phone its that simple

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