eBook Wars Heat Up on iOS: UPDATE Kindle App Removes Kindle Store Button

If you were paying attention awhile back, Apple made it pretty plain that they wanted a piece of your pie if you allowed purchases in your Application to link externally through a web page. At the time Apple served notice, many wondered what would happen for eBook reading Apps like the Kindle, Nook, Google Books, etc…

Well, last week it looks like Apple might have started to drop the hammer. Google Books disappeared from the App store and reports are saying that the Wall St. Journal, Kobo, and other Apps that link externally are changing things up to comply. Let’s be clear here, there’s no official word on why the Google Books App was pulled, so most of this is surmising based on what others are hearing. But, like I said, Apple’s been pretty clear about this for some time.

There are also some sketchy reports out there. John Biggs on TechCrunch says that iOS Kindle App users can’t make purchases any more, but I think he’s saying that existing account users still can, but the prose is a bit tortured. Well, I just did. So, while changes may still be forthcoming Kindle App users appear to be still in the clear.

Two thoughts on all of this.

First, it’s Apple’s App Store, they can set the rules whether we like it or not. To play the game you have to play by Apple’s rules. If enough folks don’t like it, then consumers will have the final say.


Second, it’s a crying shame that these companies can’t work together to figure out an answer to a very complex set of issues, but it is an early game right now and everyone is maneuvering to control as much of it as they can. Competition is at the root of this, but we’re watching the ugly part of that potentially play out right now, before things settle down and market forces have their say in the matter.  Apple is an 800 pound gorillas in this completely crushing the cat bird seat and will stay there until someone (Amazon?) mounts a serious challenge in the Tablet market.

UPDATE: Just a few minutes ago I noticed the Kindle App for iOS had an update that removes the Kindle Store button. Wonder what happens if you don’t update the App? The description says:


  1. It’s an uneasy marriage, that’s for sure. I’m wondering if there will still be a Kindle app at *all* on the iPad app store once Amazon starts rolling out their next bit o’ kit …

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  3. While I realize there is huge competition in the “book store” business, this move by Apple, especially considering their nearly indisputable marketing clout right now, strikes me as akin to a trust approach — that is, restraining competition.  I hope those of us who don’t want to see Apple absue their position in the marketplace (and, sadly, with the “fanboy mentality” my hope may be forelorn) will react to this.  I, for one, will abandon my iphone and stick with Android much like I’ve given up after 2 ipads and an ipad2.

  4. I’m not loving the fact that they make it harder to buy books. But it’s their store.

  5. I’m not loving the fact that they make it harder to buy books. But it’s their store.

  6. Yes Apple has the right to do as it wishes with it’s store, but I think they are making a big mistake. The iPad is meant to be a consumption device first and foremost, removing content or making it harder is only going to sway people over to android or windows tablet. I recently bought an Asus ep121 for school and work, but still use my iPad since it is more convenient to relax on the couch with. If this is a continuing trend for apple i will gladly move to an android tablet when it is time to replace my current iPad. Been toying with the idea anyway since more android tablets are coming with digitizers, much better for notes and occasional sketching.

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    If iBooks had all the books that amazon has to offer then I wouldn’t have to go to amazon. But they don’t. I download from ibooks when they have the book that I want available but many times they don’t. Also, regardless of where my final purchase of the ebook is, I still hit up amazon for their recommendations and suggestions based on my purchases. It’s just easier to find and get what I want. If apple wants me to stick with iBooks maybe they should improve the experience instead of making it more difficult for me to ultimately consume the media I am looking for. Making me work harder just pisses me off and makes me want to use apple’s product less.

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