Verizon Getting Rid of iPhone 4 Accessories a Sign of a New iPhone Hardware Design?

Ahead of the launch of the next-generation iPhone hardware from Apple, U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless is now offering discounts on iPhone 4 cases and accessories at its retail stores. PhoneArena sources say that the carrier is now phasing out inventory of iPhone 4 accessories.

While it is largely believed that the next generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 4S, will be a modest upgrade and will retain the same or similar hardware design as the current generation iPhone 4, Verizon’s actions in discounting and discontinuing iPhone 4 accessories may hint that the next iPhone will have a different hardware design.

However, accessories may still not reach rock bottom pricing as Verizon Wireless may continue to offer an iPhone 4 with reduced storage capacity at an entry-level price point alongside the next generation iPhone when that device launches. This means that the carrier may still want to carry at least some accessories for the iPhone 4 in the future as Apple historically sells last year’s model as the entry-level phone model alongside the company’s flagship phone.

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  1. At the Verizon store near me the other week, the day the droid 3 launched.  It seemed like all the employees were trying to talk most of the customers to get the iPhone 4.  I found it odd, especially when the D3 just launched, and one customer wanted an android phone, and the rep talked her into an iPhone..  So, that can be a good sign of trying to push the inventory out!

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